Four Pointers: New Zealand Warriors 12 North Queensland Cowboys 24

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Warriors Newbies add excitement to the team

Reserve grade player Mason Lino and new recruit Chris Satae got a chance to prove themselves on Saturday night and that’s exactly what they did. This was Mason Lino’s first NRL game so far this season due to Shaun Johnson’s injury leaving an opening for the halfback. Lino seemed to have a spark that put some life back into the team as he came close to scoring a try multiple times and added a new dynamic to the team.

Chris Satae made his Warriors debut last night and although he didn’t make any big moves, he ran hard and strong and was a big contribution to the team.

A+ effort from the Warriors

It may have been a loss and some may say the Warriors have let down their fans once again but I believe the team put in 100% and played the best they have in a very long time. There was something different about watching the Warriors on Saturday night. They were exciting – especially in their attack, as every time they came close to the line it looked as they could and were about to score a try. The team made 11 offloads and 2 line breaks as well as looking like a well oiled machine in their defence for majority of the game.

Cowboys get away with incorrect play of the ball

The Cowboys were lucky enough to get away with constantly playing the ball incorrectly while the Warriors were penalised in the process. The incident seemed to repeat itself throughout the entire game, where the Cowboys player would physically throw the ball between their legs before even getting up properly from the tackle – it was sloppy and incorrect. In the process of this, the Warriors players never had enough time to get off the opposition before they played the ball – therefore they were penalised multiple times for interfering with the play of the ball.

I think this aspect of the game needs to be seriously looked into and fixed. One of the very first things young rugby league players are taught is how to correctly play the ball. It seems as though many NRL players need to go back to basics and clean up their game.

Cowboys forced to up their game

As per usual – the Warriors started fast and strong which threw the Cowboys off in the very beginning. It was an arm wrestle but the Cowboys evidently dropped their guard as they allowed a try from Simon Mannering right on half time to even the score. The Cowboys dug in their heels in the second half and came out firing as they tightened their defence which resulted in the Warriors being unable to score. Not only did the Cowboys up their defensive game, but their attack was accurate and smart – especially Javid Bowen’s try in the 80th minute as he intercepted a fumbled Warriors play and ran the length of the field to well and truly secure the win for his team.

Final Score

Warriors 12

Tries: Simon Mannering, Bunty Afoa
Goals: Isaac Luke (2)

Cowboys 24

Tries: Justin O’Neill, Javid Bowen (2), Ethan Lowe
Goals: Ethan Lowe (4)

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