Matt Lodge doesn’t deserve another chance

The National Rugby League need to hang their head in shame for allowing the registration of controversial twenty-two year old forward Matthew Lodge.

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Lodge lost his right to play in our game following his most recent misdemeanour.  It landed the former Wests Tiger in a New York court where he was ordered to pay almost $1.5m(AU) in damages.  The ordeal he put his female victim through, too horrific to detail, saw Lodge arrested at gunpoint.  He could be considered lucky to have avoided jail.

With Lodge putting pen to paper with the Brisbane Broncos, it flies in the face of the National Rugby League’s attempt to clean up their image when it comes to disrespecting women.

“The NRL is showing leadership not only in sport but across Australia’s corporate culture when it comes to the treatment of women. I am thrilled to know Todd Greenberg is supporting that initiative”

These are the words of NRL gender adviser Catharine Lumby who helped put together the new protocol earlier this year.

This could have been a moment for CEO Todd Greenberg to shine with his actions speaking louder than words.  Yet the game has been let down by a poor decision and now the boss needs to be accountable for what happened.

Lodge is far from an angel.  In 2014 he was banned by the NRL for having an offensive word written on his strapping during a junior State of Origin game.  It was the same game where Mitchell Moses made a homophobic remark towards Luke Bateman.

Surely rugby league doesn’t need a player like Matthew Lodge representing their game at the elite level.

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