INTRUST SUPER CUP | PNG Hunters must look forward, not back

The PNG Hunters must look forward for success not back to history.

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They have not made the start to the season that many of their fans were expecting and the cries for change have been many and long and vociferous. The main calls have been that coach Michael Marum needs to bolster his forward pack and bring back some of the former Hunters that are no longer in the system.

These calls ignore two key points; firstly, the Hunters have a truly unique set up where the players, managers and coaching staff all live under the same roof for much of the season. There is no hiding in this environment, no pretending, everyone knows who everyone else is. Therefore, coach Marum knows his players as well and arguably better, than most Intrust Super Cup coaches.

I am not going to criticise players, I regard one of the players that some fans are suggesting should be recalled as a friend, but simply put their day is done. Given how well coach Marum knows these players, we must assume there is a valid reason why they are no longer in the Hunters system. One of the players being talked about signed with two different Intrust Super Cup clubs after the Hunters let him go. He did not play ISC with either club and one cut him within a matter of months. Given how many games of ISC he has played he can clearly play the game, so talent is not the reason three teams have let him go.

The other key issues these calls ignore is that our game is constantly changing. Teams are constantly studying each other looking for every little advantage, at the same time they are constantly looking to improve what they do, fewer ineffective tackles, fewer errors, new set plays and strategies. A player who fitted into a system one or two years ago may not fit into a new system as well and not everyone can evolve and adapt.

Henry Ford once said that “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” and so it is in sport as in life.

The Hunters and their supporters must look to the future for success not dwell on past successes or rely on players from the past.

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