Intrust Super Cup | Week 7 Four Pointers

Each week during the Intrust Super Cup, Matt Crowhurst will give his verdict on the main points to come out of the competition.

Four Pointers – Round 7


Sorry to start on a negative, however thus one has really gotten under my skin. Channel 9 have completely botched the broadcast of the 2018 Intrust Super Cup! Who can sit around and watch football at 1pm on a Saturday? I would love to, however family and work and life all get in the way. Later in the afternoon, perhaps, or Sunday afternoon absolutely. But 1pm on a Saturday is prime ‘getting stuff done’ time.

Also, they are consistently picking the wrong games to be televised. Now I understand that these games need to be chosen well in advance and that there are practical issues that make some grounds harder than others to broadcast from. Surely though, if you are trying to promote a new time slot and promote the game, you want your best team’s week in and week out on TV. I would love to hear how many of you have actually watched a live channel 9 ISC game this season.


Talking to an ISC player this morning and the topic of QLD Residents selections came up. I asked him who he thought were the form 9 and 10’s in the comp. He named a hooker, however when it came to a number 10 he said he could not help me ‘we haven’t played any decent middles yet mate’. And this is seven rounds in. Ouch.


We hear that as few as 4 or 5 spots in this year’s QLD Residents team remain open. Barring injury or massive form slumps Jon Buchanan has pencilled in the vast majority of his side for this year’s clash, and he will be surrounded by plenty of familiar faces.


Lots of unsurprising talk this morning about an unhappy Broncos camp. Quite frankly, they are a mess and were diabolical against the Storm on Friday. Which, must have implications for our competition. Three of the top four sides in the comp include Broncos contracted halves. Clearly some (but by no means all) of the Broncos problems stem from a malfunctioning halves combination. How much longer will we have to wait before the Broncos turn their attention to the riches they have at hand.

UPDATE: Intrust Super Cup TV games decided

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