OPINION | Borin’ Gorden – Tallis Bennett bashing wearing thin

There are few certainties in the world. You can guarantee the sun will come up each morning. It’s pretty certain that Donald Trump will be active on his Twitter account. You can also guarantee that Gorden Tallis will take any opportunity he can to bag out his former coach Wayne Bennett. It feels as though a week has not gone by where Tallis hasn’t chipped in a nasty comment about the current Broncos coach. Whether it be his age, his relevance in today’s game or his ability to get the best out of his squad, the criticism is becoming tiresome.

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As a former player and captain of the Broncos, it is disappointing to see him constantly undermine and insult the coach of the club at every turn. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is what Tallis is being paid to give. However, surely he can give an unbiased opinion of Bennett and the Broncos rather than constantly coming off sounding like the girl who didn’t get to dance with her dream boat at the blue light disco.

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The root of the bitterness seems to stem from Tallis being made to come off the bench in what would be his final game in the NRL. This surely would have been disappointing and upsetting for a legend on the Broncos club. However, Bennett is also the man who brought Tallis to the club, helped him become a leader at both a club and state level and one of the most feared players the game has seen. It would be fair to say that without Bennett, Tallis may not be in the position that he currently is in as a respected social commentator of the game.

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We all love a good feud in the game but this one-sided barrage has run its course. Come on Gorden, Tallis something new.

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