THE LEAGUE LADY | Is the Criticism on female NRL journalists fair?

It’s been the main talking point since the changes to Channel 9’s The Footy Show: should a female host NRL shows?

The main reason against is that they’ve never played first grade NRL, though the same isn’t said about respected journalists and commentators Andrew Voss, Ray Warren and James Bracey.

A journalists job is to guide conversation, report news and context, and ask the hard-hitting questions that fans want to know. Their job is to work alongside commentators, ex-players and experts of the game to provide detailed coverage.

In a time where we have Women in League round, a large amount of female fans, plenty of female club and match officials and women’s competitions are growing more by the year, it’s important we don’t underestimate the knowledge and talent of these hard-working journalists, just because they’re women.

We should judge them on the quality of their work, not their gender.

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