INTRUST SUPER CUP | Easts Tigers win thriller over Central Queensland Capras

A bell ringing tackle from Ash Little in the 79th minute forced an error from the CQ Capras and gave the Tigers a scrum and feed 10 meters from the Capras line. Que a perfectly executed set play with Billy Walters passing to Brodie Croft who kicked for Scott Drinkwater. Drinkwater swooped on the ball to score the match winning try with the siren ringing in his ears.

Linc Port had opened the scoring in the 7th minute when he received a Ponga like bullet pass from Dribkwater however the attempted conversion was waved away.

The Capras scored the next two tries, Nathan Bassani dived on a kick from Zeik Foster to level the scores in the 20th minute and then Oliver Percy scored in the 25th minute to give the Capras the lead. A lead they would hold till Littles tackle in the 79th minute.

For the Tigers Queensland Resident’s players Walters and Drinkwater were to the fore along with Brodie Croft. However the Tigers best on the day was winger Jarrod McInally. He scored two tries, including a typical McInally high-flying acrobatic effort to pull in a kick. Arguably his best work was done off the ball though. Twice in the second half he pulled off desperation one on one tackles to prevent the Capras scoring what could have been match winning tries.

Bill Cullen was the best on park for the Capras, he was damaging in the middle of the field and showed a deft touch when he off loaded to Blake Goodman for his first try.

They say you create your own luck in life and the Tigers created plenty. They did not capitalize on every opportunity they created, both Shane Neumann and Jack Svendsen were over the line but were held up by desperate defense. However the Tigers never gave up and kept coming at the Capras even when they were 16 – 4 behind.

In many ways the Capras had the better of the game, they were certainly more precise, they created fewer opportunities but converted on the opportunities they created.

However, rugby league is about scoring points and in the end the Tigers created more opportunities and scored more points as they charged to a 26 – 22

Next week the Tigers have a bye.


Player T G P DG
Scott Drinkwater1000
Linc Port1000
Jarrod McInally2000
Brodie Croft1000
Billy Walters0300


Player T G P DG
Connor Broadhurst0300
Blake Goodman2000
Nathan Bassani1000
Oliver Percy1000

REVIEW | Intrust Super Cup Round 15






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