EXCLUSIVE | The reason behind CamCoop fallout

So sad. So sad. It’s a sad, sad situation

On Friday night I was astounded, like most of the rugby league community as to the circumstances behind the CamCoop “handshake”.

Being the investigative journalist looking for a sensationalised story, I made contact with my spies around the sixteen NRL clubs.  They were all keen to #TalkuptheGame like myself.

Now Butch Smith can reveal the extraordinary reason behind the fallout.

Just hours after the 2017 Grand Final and in celebration of their side’s triumph over that club from Townsville, both men were shouting drinks at an exclusive pub in Sydney.

Reports have surfaced that one of the players did consecutive shouts at the bar, breaking the age long tradition of one person shouting the other and that being reciprocated.

The total amount of the schooner – $13.50.  Yes, crazy to pay for a schooner, but I guess it’s Sydney we’re talking about.

What a mistake!  Life has never been the same since.

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Butch Smith wants CamCoop to resolve their issues and among the good people at Cooladi, we’ve come up with a few ideas.

1. Guilty party paying for a coffee in Bondi, or a wine in St Kilda

Both close to the beach and ocean. They could have a drink and then take a dip.

2. Seek counselling from one of our fine psychologists

It can happen to the best of us, sometimes a coach is required to put aside differences.

3. Invite each other to State of Origin III

Still plenty of tickets available and the good thing is – most are not single seat options.

4. Take hugging lessons

Maybe they were worried they might end up with their head on the same side of the hug. Awkward.


Over to you now. What is the solution?

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We look forward to the next chapter in the CamCoop relationship.

It would be sensational if it were true…

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