FOUR POINTERS | Intrust Super Cup Round 1

The Intrust Super Cup Four Pointers is back for 2019, so, let’s have a look at what learnt from Round One.


Quite A Statement.

The Capras made quite the statement on Sunday afternoon, defeating the highly fancied Souths Logan Magpies 36-14 at Davies Park. In so doing they may have unearthed a top quality goal kicker in Bessie Aufaga-Toomaga. Their next three games are Wynnum at home, the Cutters away and Tweed at home and it is definitely conceivable they start the season 4 and 0 or 3-1.

Another Statement.

We told you in our season preview that the Northern Pride were our smokies to make the Top 8 this year and that plenty of people would underestimate them along the way. Defeating the previous years Grand Final winner in Round One is one way to ensure no one underestimates you. Yes we know, the Pride got a bit of help from the Cowboys. However there were strong performances from their core group and plenty of talented Pride players who did not play. Cowboy players or not we think it will be an exciting year in Cairns.

Stuck In A Timewarp.

A few years ago the Ipswich Jets were ‘predictably unpredictable’ and it brought them great success. Despite their best efforts few Easts fans will be able to forget Matt Parcell scoring five tries against them in a finals match at North Ipswich Reserve and many Cup teams will have similar memories of falling foul of Jets magic. Rugby League though, like all things in life, evolves. Such was the Jets success that opposition teams have studied their every nuane and there are little surprises remaining in the Jets play book. At the same time the game in general has moved forward. Many of the Jets tricks were on display on Sunday, from running across field waiting for gaps, to running on the spot and the short kick off, and Townsville was ready for them all. It is time for the Jets to move forward with a new style of play or risk becoming irrelevant come finals time.

Back Where It Belongs.

How good is it so see Channel 9 responding to viewer feedback and dumping the debacle that was Saturday afternoon televised Cup games and bringing them back to where they belong on a Sunday. Noon is a tricky time for families but at least it’s the right day. Well done Channek 9. If you watched the game onm Sunday you were treated to some stellar performances especially from Zac Santo, Sioni Lousi and Tom Gilbert. Cowboys contracted Gilbert is only 18 and was a member of this years QLD Emerging Origin Squad. If you haven’t already, write his name in your little black book, we will see a lot more of him in years too come.


INTRUST SUPER CUP | Round 1 results


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