2019 NSWRL Junior, Tarsha Gale Week 1 Finals Results

Here are the results from the Week 1 Finals NSWRL Junior Representative matches.

SG Ball Cup

Manly Sea Eagles 36 (S Tito 2, J Birt 2, J Schuster 2, K Turner tries; J Birt 4 goals) defeated Parramatta Eels 6 (J Betham-Misa try; S Loizou goal)

Canterbury Bulldogs 28 (C Fuatimau, M Vuki, C Patolo, M Pope, J Topine tries; J Topine 4 goals) defeated Cronulla Sharks 6 (K Kautoga try; T Demeio goal)

Illawarra Steelers 40 (A Schoupp 2, J Shereb, Mathew Fegai, J Sullivan, Max Fegai, C Muhleisen, T Sloan tries; J Sullivan 4 goals) defeated Central Coast Roosters 12 (R Meyn, L Knight tries; R Piepers, L Kasun goals)

Canberra Raiders 34 (J Williams 2, J Tupou 2,A Gaffey, M Kaho tries; B Robertson 5 goals)  defeated Balmain Tigers 10 (Z Wilkins, D Sykes tries; J Rizk goal)


Harold Matthews Cup

Manly Sea Eagles 18 (F Tovio, D O’Donnell, K Fulton tries; I Nasio 2, O Cummins goals) lost to South Sydney Rabbitohs 40 (J Suaalii 4, C Kaho 2, C Smirnotis tries; J Nohra 6 goals)

Penrith Panthers 40 (J Cole 2, J Sene, A Uelese, M Teague, L Taupai, J Hay tries; J Hay 6 goals) defeated Cronulla Sharks 16 (S Jinks, K Hodges, S Taukamo tries; L Suton, K Dixon goal)

Illawarra Steelers 10 (B Lavender, J Polley tries; T Peters goal) lost to Balmain Tigers 18 (A Miltiadous, C Trad, B Tumeth, P Rakuli tries; T Sukkar goal)

Newcastle Knights 22 (N Nailagoliva 2, F Myers, T Blackman tries; B Perry 3 goals) defeated Canterbury Bulldogs 16 (A Baptista 2, T Williams tries; T Winitana 2 goals)


Tarsha Gale Cup

Penrith Panthers 12 (E Kaafi, L Taiseni, J Lealaiauloto tries) lost to Cronulla Sharks 18 (J Chapman 2, K Gilmour, A Weir tries; J Chapman goal)

Illawarra Steelers 30 (T Berry 2, K Browne 2, M Weatherall tries; O Vale 5 goals) lost to St George Dragons 32 (T Naividi 2, E Rainima, R Mose, A Tohi-Hiku, S Naitokatoka tries; S Naitokatoka 4 goals)

Newcastle Knights 16 (C Harrison 2, O Kernick, J Morris tries) lost to Wests Tigers 30 (B Cornwell, A Beaufils, E Curtain, M Alatini, L Smith-Warwick tries; E Curtain 3 goals)

Parramatta Eels 48 (T Alexander 2, A Futialo 2, C Koomson 2, A Pati 2, B E’e tries; S Akhabue 4, A Futialo 2 goals) defeated Canberra Raiders 4 (T Campbell try)


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