SUPER LEAGUE | 2020 Super League recruitment: Six transfers with a point to prove

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Luke Gale to Leeds Rhinos

Having played just thirteen games over the course of 2018 and 2019, many Super League supporters are understandably sceptical Gale will ever get close to the level he reached in 2017 when he won the prestigious Man of Steel.

The transfer fee of Gale to Leeds from Castleford is believed to be in the region of £160,000. A major gamble no doubt as the 31-year-old hasn’t played since a horrific Achilles injury sustained during pre-season.

However, the off-season is ultimately all about recruiting in areas of weakness and it’s no secret Leeds desperately lacked an organising halfback with a kicking game last season.

Due to being written off by many going into 2020, Gale is undoubtedly playing with a point to prove and this will probably be the last club he plays for in his Super League career.

Leeds are also of course Gale’s hometown club so the motivation will surely be there. Playing alongside the skilful and unpredictable Robert Lui, Leeds’ new halfback pairing looks very promising. Lui has the ball skills and guile to unlock any defence and Gale has the kicking game and organisation skills to get the team around the park.

Whether it works out or not for Gale, he is certainly in for an intriguing personal 2020.

It will be a big test of his character and resilience, coming back from two long-term injuries.


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