2020 Rugby League Championship Squads

Fourteen sides will compete in the 2020 Rugby League Championship season. Here’s the squad numbers for each of the sides.


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1. Dave Scott, 2. Wayne Rettie, 3. Sam Smeaton, 4. Lewis Galbraith, 5. Jonny Campbell, 6. Louis Jouffret, 7. Dominic Brambani, 8. Adam Gledhill, 9. Alistair Leak, 10. Tom Lillycrop, 11. Dane Manning, 12. Jack Downs, 13. James Brown, 14. Danny Yates, 15. Toby Everett, 16. Michael Ward,  17. Tyler Dickinson, 18. Tom Hemingway, 19. Alex Bretherton, 20. Niall Walker, 21. Joe Taira, 22. Sam Wood, 23. Keenen Tomlinson, 24 Paul Brearley.

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