2020 SL Round 1, St Helens 48 Salford Red Devils 8 – Report

Sam Taylor reviews St Helens’ opening round victory against Salford. Here’s how the game went.


Minute Scoring Play Score
6th Goal Tui Lolohea (Salford) Salford 2-0
14th Try Zeb Taia (St Helens) St Helens 4-2
14th Goal Lachlan Coote (St Helens) St Helens 6-2
19th Try Alex Walmsley ( St Helens) St Helens 10-2
19th Goal Lachlan Coote ( St Helens) St Helens 12-2
38th Try Theo Fages (St Helens) St Helens 16-2
38th Goal Lachlan Coote (St Helens) St Helens 18-2
48th Try Kevin Naiqama ( St Helens) St Helens 22-2
48th Goal Mark Percival (St Helens) St Helens 24-2
51st Try Ken Sio (Salford) St Helens 24-6
51st Goal Tui Lolohea (Salford) St Helens 24-8
60th Try Kevin Naiqama (St Helens) St Helens 28-8
61st Goal Mark Percival (St Helens) St Helens 30-8
65th Try Jack Welsby (St Helens) St Helens 34-8
65th Goal Mark Percival (St Helens) St Helens 36-8
71st Try Jack Welsby (St Helens) St Helens 40-8
71st Goal Mark Percival (St Helens) St Helens 42-8
75th Try Alex Walmsley (St Helens) St Helens 46-8
76th Goal Mark Percival (St Helens) St Helens 48-8


St Helens carried on where they left off last season with a convincing win over Salford.

Salford took an early lead through a penalty from Tui Lolohea after Jack Welsby was the first player to be penalised for the stricter play the ball rules.

After that it was all one way traffic. Zeb Taia scored Saints’ first try off a short ball from Jonny Lomax.

Alex Walmsley then powered his way from short distance taking three plovers over the line with him.

Nifty footwork from Theo Fages les to the third try just before half time.

Salford almost had their first try after the break but Ken Sio’s foot was adjudged to have been in touch as he grounded the ball.

Lachlan Coote was taken off with a suspected MCL injury so Jack Welsby moved from the wing to full back. His first contribution from full back was a long cut all ball to set Kevin Naiqama up in the corner.

Ken Sio did end up getting Salford’s first try in the corner.

Saints then regained control scoring four tries in the last 20 minutes. Naqaima got his second of the night and then Jack Welsby scored a brace in a matter of minutes.

Walmlsye scored his second in typical fashion with a barge over to round up the scoring.


Saints can Ben a wonderful side to watch with the ball in hand but Kristian Woolf seems to be more defensive focussed than his predecessor Justin Holbrook. They looked superb in defence and them forcing man mountain Pauli Pauli back into his goal line area for a drop out was the finest example of this.


St Helens 48
Tries: Taia, Walmsley (2), Fages, Naiqama (2), Welsby (2)
Goals: Coote (3) Percival (5)
Drop Goals: n/a

Salford 8 
Tries: Sio
Goals: Lolohea (2)
Drop Goals: n/a


St Helens: Coote, Welsby, Naiqama, Percival, Grace, Lomax, Fages, Walmsley, Bentley, Thompson, Taia, Peyroux, McCarthy-Scarsbrook

Interchanges: Lees, Ashworth, Paulo, SmitH

Salford: Evalds,Sio, Welham, Sarginson, Williams; Lolohea, Brown; Mossop, Lussick, Dudson, Greenwood, McCarthy, Burke.

Interchanges: Pauli, Ikahihifo, Yates, Johnson.


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