Sydney Roosters – Can they win three titles in a Row?

As the 2020 NRL season continues to unfold, many are still wondering whether the Roosters will become the first club to win the title three times in a row since the mighty Parramatta of 1981-83. However, some think the loss of Latrell Mitchell and Cooper Cronk will bring them unstuck. Whichever the case, Trent Robinson’s quest to write history promises some of the most intriguing subplots this season.

The Roosters understand everything it takes to win games, and they still have a wide array of superstars. That includes players like Luke Keary, James Tedesco, Siosiua Taukeiaho, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, and James Tedesco. However, it’s realistic to expect that Kyle Flanagan will fill Cronk’s shoes and steer the team to glory. In the meantime, fans can browse for all the information you need before wagering on the sport.

Can The Roosters Make History?

Having mastered the art of winning, the Roosters know what it takes to triumph over sudden-death finals with great intensity when everything is at stake. In their preliminary and grand final displays over the last two seasons, the Roosters have conceded three tries and not more than once in a single game. That achievement alone gives us the reason to believe that a third consecutive title win is well within their reach. 

What has made it hard for any team to replicate the Broncos feat of 1992-93, is that the players have found it hard to get something extra to climb the mountain, despite being committed to the cause. The Roosters show the same mentality of being unsatisfied, though Robinson is developing a way for his players to learn from their past mistakes while living in the present and looking forward to a better future.

What’s The Next Challenge For The Roosters, And How Will They Achieve It?

This season is all about the star players in the Roosters team and not the ones they’ve lost. Sure, Mitchell and Cronk are no longer part of the squad, despite their major contributions to the team’s success in the past. Nonetheless, Cronk will be mentoring his replacement, and Flanagan will be slotting in Robinson’s system as he improves his skills.

Considering Parramatta’s 1983 premiership side, nine players in their squad had played in the 1981 decider match. The Rooster’s 2018 grand final squad also had several stars that will be part of their team this season as they aim to accomplish a three-peat quest. These players include Victor Radley, Isaac Liu, Boyd Cordner, Jake Friend, and James Tedesco, to name a few.

What Might Stand Against The Roosters Quest?

There are several good reasons why Parramatta was able to record three premiership wins consecutively in the 80s. These reasons are Steve Ella, Mick Cronin, Peter Sterling, Eric Grothe, and Brett Kenny. That exemplary backline provided class and consistency throughout the three seasons.

With Cronk and Mitchell out, it’s hard to see the Roosters winning their third season in 2020. Yes, the team can skilfully and physically record their third grand final in a row, but nothing shows they can dive in their mind’s deep recess for the players to drive their bodies hard.

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