2020 NRL Round Two, Titans 6 Eels 46 – Report

Nathan Smith reviews the Gold Coast Titans’ home game against the Parramatta Eels. Here’s how the game went.


Minute Scoring Play Score
5th Try Mitchell Moses (Eels) Eels 4-0
6th Goal Mitchell Moses (Eels) Eels 6-0
8th Try Reed Mahoney (Eels) Eels 10-0
9th Goal Mitchell Moses (Eels) Eels 12-0
14th Try Dale Copley (Titans) Eels 12-4
16th Goal Ashley Taylor (Titans) Eels 12-6
31st Goal Mitchell Moses (Eels) Eels 14-6
56th Try Dylan Brown (Eels) Eels 18-6
57th Goal Mitchell Moses (Eels) Eels 20-6
60th Try Kane Evans (Eels) Eels 24-6
61st Goal Mitchell Moses (Eels) Eels 26-6
64th Try Maika Sivo (Eels) Eels 30-6
66th Goal Mitchell Moses (Eels) Eels 32-6
70th Try Peni Terepo (Eels) Eels 36-6
71st Goal Mitchell Moses (Eels) Eels 38-6
74th Try Dylan Brown (Eels) Eels 42-6
75th Goal Mitchell Moses (Eels) Eels 44-6
80th Goal Mitchell Moses (Eels) Eels 46-6


1st Half

The Titans offered another poor showing in the opening 10 minutes of the game, conceding two quick tries. This, as with last week, meant they were on the back foot straight away. Similar to last week, they were able to snag a try and showed defensive resilience to limit the Eels to only two tries and go into the sheds 14-6 down. They were still in with a chance.

2nd Half

The second half was a tale of two stories. The opening 20 was an arm wrestle, with the Eels holding lots of ball, but being constantly held out by a brave Titans defence. Unfortunately, there was only so long they could manage before the Eels crossed through a Dylan Brown try in the 56th minute. From there, the floodgates opened and the Eels revealed the attack they struggled to show last week.


The Eels’ attack was a particular highlight. From the 50th minute onwards, they were able to convert field position into points, and plenty of them. There are still things for the Eels to work on, as they blew plenty of earlier opportunities to score. With the potential to put on points all over the field, they are a definite danger in 2020.


Gold Coast Titans: 1. Phillip Sami, 2. Anthony Don, 3. Kallum Watkins, 4. Brian Kelly, 5. Dale Copley, 6. Tyrone Roberts, 7. Ashley Taylor, 8. Jarrod Wallace, 9. Mitch Rein, 10. Sam Lisone, 16. Tyrone Peachey, 12. Bryce Cartwright, 13. Jai Arrow. Interchange: 14. Nathan Peats, 15. Jai Whitbread, 17. Moeaki Fotuaika, 18. Jaimin Jolliffe.

Parramatta Eels: 1. Clinton Gutherson, 2. Maika Sivo, 3. Michael Jennings, 4. Waqa Blake, 5. Blake Ferguson, 6. Dylan Brown, 7. Mitchell Moses, 8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard, 9. Reed Mahoney, 10. Junior Paulo, 11. Shaun Lane, 12. Ryan Matterson, 13. Nathan Brown. Interchange: 14. Brad Takairangi, 15. Marata Niukore, 16. Kane Evans, 17. Peni Terepo.

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