Jamie Thackray: Keep Patient and Stick To the Rules

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As the number of Coronavirus cases head towards 50,000 in the United Kingdom, rugby league veteran Jamie Thackray has one simple message for fans who are missing out on their footy fix.

“Keep patient and stick to the rules”, said Thackray.

“The more we listen and stay in and abide by the rules the faster it will blow over.”

“There’s plenty of rugby throw backs on the sports channels and I know clubs are posting flashback games for your fix.”

Thackray, who signed on with Whitehaven RFLC for the current Rugby League Championship season, says he is coping well with the self-isolation but has needed to adjust to training differently.

“To be fair it’s not too bad for me. I live on my own so I am used to my own company. Monday to Friday all I do is work, train and gym.”

“At the moment all gyms are closed, so at the minute I am just going for a run on a night to keep ticking over”

He’s hopeful that the suspension of Super League and the Rugby League Championships will be lifted.

“I think if this virus dies down before the end of this month, then there’s a good chance things can restart, but the longer virus goes it gets more unlikely.”

Thackray is unsure as to whether Brian McDermott’s views on shortening games would work.

“I am not sure on the reducing game time. If that was an option, then I think no less than 30 mins a half… but we have to look at all options I guess”.

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At 40 years of age, the former Great Britain international and Challenge Cup winner admits that this could be his final season before hanging up the boots for good.

“I could play in 2021. My body and mind feels fine but I made my first team debut at the age of 16 and rugby league takes most of your life up.”

“All your weekends you can’t go on summer holidays so I reckon whatever the outcome this year it will be my last.”

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