Max King Trains With Rugby League Royalty

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As the ongoing pandemic continues forcing people to remain indoors, Max king has chosen rugby league royalty to assist him in training. The Melbourne NRL prop didn’t need to look far, with Johnny King – his grandfather calling the shots. Johnny is a seven-time premiership title winner while with St George. His father, David, was also a front-row player for the Gold Coast Seagulls from 1991 to 1992, and his great grandfather Cec was with the South Sydney (1945-1946).

At 22, King went back home to Newcastle after the competition was put on hold, and he’s eagerly waiting for the go-ahead to go back to Melbourne. However, Max is currently in the skilled arms of Johnny, a man who played 15 times for Australia, and he’s focused on making sure he remains fit. Fans can continue collecting all coupons and codes, as they wait for the games to return later in the year. 

A brilliant winger, Johnny King, managed to be in the list of the top 100 players in the rugby league during the time. King senior managed to score a try in every premiership game with the Dragons from 1960 to 1965.  As such, King senior seems like a great training partner for his grandson during this time when everyone is trying to remain in the comfort of their homes. 

According to Max King, he needed to find a training partner as there are several skill drills on his training program, which requires more than one person. As such, he needed to find someone to train with and chose his old man and pop.  He further added that training with them has been very enlightening, as he has received more criticism from them than his Storm coaches.

King left Gold Coast last year and joined the Storm in the middle of the season, and he pulled out his grandfather’s 1960s training schedule to improve on his running. According to his grandfather, the training program came from what St George was working on in 1960, and it was incredibly crazy. The did 800 yards four times within two minutes and 10 seconds, then four 400s in less than a minute.

Max King also revealed that his grandfather implements a drill from his time whenever they train together, and it’s probably the toughest during the session. However, Max reckons that some of the things there are timeless, and he hopes it helps him improve his speed before going back to Melbourne. He’s also looking to develop his 46 NRL game career, though he knows beating his grandfather’s record may be out of reach.

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