ROUND FOUR MATCH REPORT | Canterbury Bulldogs 22-2 St George Illawarra Dragons

Craig Cauchi reviews the Canterbury Bulldogs first win of the season against the winless St George Illawarra Dragons. Here’s how the game went.


Minute Scoring Play Score
4th Goal Zac Lomax (Dragons) Dragons 2-0
19th Try Adam Elliot (Bulldogs) Bulldogs 4-2
20th Goal Nick Meaney (Bulldogs) Bulldogs 6-2
26th Goal Nick Meaney (Bulldogs) Bulldogs 8-2
32nd Goal Nick Meaney (Bulldogs) Bulldogs 10-2
40th HALF-TIME Bulldogs 10-2
50th Try Nick Meaney (Bulldogs) Bulldogs 14-2
51st Goal Nick Meaney (Bulldogs) Bulldogs 16-2
70th Try Reimis Smith (Bulldogs) Bulldogs 20-2
71st Goal Nick Meaney (Bulldogs) Bulldogs 22-2
80th FULLTIME Bulldogs 22-2


1st Half

The Dragons started the game off with a penalty goal from Zac Lomax. After the early exchanges the Bulldogs found themselves on top with plenty of good territory but their ball handling and execution let them down. It took until the 19th minute for the Bulldogs to cross the line through Adam Elliot, throwing a dummy before carrying defenders over the line.  The Bulldogs extended their lead through a penalty goal. The Dragons conceded an offside penalty at the drop out and the Bulldogs accepted the gift two points.

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2nd Half

Nick Meaney crossed out wide after a simple backline movement had the Dragons defensive line running confused. The Bulldogs continued to control the game while the Dragons struggled to find any kind of cohesion in their attack. The Dragons came inches from scoring and giving themselves a remote chance of victory but a cover tackle from Dallin Watene-Zelezniak meant Jordan Pereira’s put down landed on the corner post. The Bulldogs marched down field from the next set and Reimis Smith caught a cross field bomb from Lachlan Lewis to score a try that finally put the match the bed. The Bulldogs kept their line intact to win their first match for the season.

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Adam Elliot’s try was a sign of the Bulldogs intent. The Bulldogs gained the ascendency through the middle but struggled to execute their plays. Adam Elliot’s try was one of strength and determination as he carried three defenders over the try line. His straight play provided the blue print for the Bulldogs, who continued to march through the middle and finish the game making minimal mistakes.

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CANTERBURY BULLDOGS: 1. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, 2. Nick Meaney, 3. Reimis Smith, 4. Will Hopoate, 14. Jake Averillo, 6. Kieran Foran, 7. Lachlan Lewis, 8. Aiden Tolman, 9. Jeremy Marshall-King, 10. Dylan Napa, 11. Josh Jackson, , 13. Adam Elliott, 16. Raymond Faitala-Mariner INTERCHANGE: 12. Dean Britt 15. Renouf To’omaga, , 17. Sauaso Sue, 20. Kerrod Holland

ST GEORGE ILLAWARRA DRAGONS: 1. Corey Norman, 2. Jordan Pereira, 3. Brayden Williame, 4. Zac Lomax, 5. Mikaele Ravalawa, 6. Ben Hunt, 7. Adam Clune 8. Josh Kerr, 9. Cameron McInnes, 10. Paul Vaughan, 11. Tyson Frizell, 12. Tariq Sims, 13. James Graham, 14. Trent Merrin, 15. Blake Lawrie, 16. Issac Luke, 17. Euan Aitken


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