ROUND EIGHT MATCH REPORT | New Zealand Warriors 26 – 16 Brisbane Broncos

Brad Inger reviews the New Zealand Warrior’s clash with the Brisbane Broncos. Here’s how the match went.

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Minute Scoring Play Score
7th Try Xavier Coates (Broncos) Broncos 4-0
26th Try Xavier Coates (Broncos) Broncos 8-0
27th Goal Jamayne Isaako (Broncos) Broncos 10-0
38th Try Ken Maumalo (Warriors) Broncos 10-4
39th Goal Chanel Harris-Tavita (Warriors) Broncos 10-6
46th Try Agnatius Paasi (Warriors) 10 All
47th Goal Chanel Harris-Tavita (Warriors) Warriors 12-10
55th Try Herbie Farnworth (Broncos) Broncos 14-12
56th Goal Jamayne Isaako (Broncos) Broncos 16-12
67th Try Wayde Egan (Warriors) 16 all
68th Goal Chanel Harris-Tavita (Warriors) Warriors 18-16
73rd Try Ken Maumalo (Warriors) Warriors 22-16
77th Try Isaiah Papali’i (Warriors) Warriors 26-16


1st half

After poor performances last week, this was a must-win game for both sides, and it showed with both teams playing with intent. Tevita Pangai Junior ran straight over Kodi Nikorima which ruled his former teammate out of the match after he failed his HIA. Moments later the Broncos crossed for the first try of the game when Xavier Coates finished off an excellent draw and pass. The Broncos continued to pile on the pressure but just were unable to capitalise on their opportunities. After spending several minutes camped in their own RedZone, the Warriors started to charge down the field. However, just like the Broncos, the New Zealand side could not turn them into points with two of their attacks getting intercepted by Coates, with the second leading to a 90-metre try for the young winger. Both sides were guilty of errors, and it looked like the Broncos were going to go into the break 10-0 until the Warriors finally managed to get their left edge attack working with Ken Maumalo crashing over for a much-needed try. Chanel Harris-Tavita’s goal ended the half with the Broncos leading 10-6.

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2nd half

Buoyed by the last-minute try, the Warriors came out of the gates early in the Second half. Agnatius Paasi barged over but was held up by some valiant defence, a penalty against Brisbane gave the Warriors great field possession, and Paasi could not be stopped the second time to hand the Warriors the lead. The Broncos clawed their way back into the match when an Anthony Milford bomb was allowed to bounce by Peta Hiku and Ken Maumalo which saw Herbie Farnworth fall on the loose ball to give the Broncos back the lead. It looked like the Warriors had got the lead again when David Fusitu’a scored in the corner, but a successful Brisbane Captains challenge saw that try scrubbed off the scoresheet and kept the Broncos ahead. In recent weeks this would have been the knockout blow for the New Zealand side, but they showed spirit and were once again in the lead after Wayde Egan crept over from dummy-half spying some slow Broncos markers. With the clock ticking down the Bronco’s needed to get themselves back quickly but their desperation lead to unfortunate errors, the Warriors took advantage. After some pinpoint kicking from Blake Green, the New Zealand side sent their giant winger Maumalo over for his second of the night. The pain continued for Brisbane as a dropped ball at the base of their scrum gave the Warriors one more shot at adding points, and they delivered through Isaiah Papali’i. Handing the Warriors a much needed 26-16 victory but sees the Broncos now on a six-game losing streak and plenty of work to do.

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The highlight of the match was Blake Green’s kicking game. The loss of Nikorima early in the first half put plenty of pressure on the experienced half, and he delivered, ensuring the Warriors won the territory battle and never overplayed his hand. With news from within the club that Green will not be re-signed for 2021 and this decision may lead to some improved performances from a man desperate to keep his NRL career alive.


New Zealand Warriors: 3. Peta Hiku, 2. David Fusitu’a, 4. Patrick Herbert, 22. Gerard Beale, 5. Ken Maumalo, 6. Kodi Nikorima, 7. Blake Green, 8. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, 9. Wayde Egan, 13. Adam Blair, 11. Jack Murchie, 16. Karl Lawton, 12. Tohu Harris, 10. Agnatius Paasi, 14. Chanel Harris-Tavita, 15. Jack Hetherington, 20. Isaiah Papali’i

Brisbane Broncos: 1. Tesi Niu, 2. Jamayne Isaako, 3. Herbie Farnworth, 4. Darius Boyd, 5. Xavier Coates, 6. Anthony Milford, 7. Brodie Croft, 10. Payne Haas, 9. Issac Luke, 15. Thomas Flegler, 11. Alex Glenn, 12. Tevita Pangai Junior, 13. Patrick Carrigan, 14. Tom Dearden, 16. Rhys Kennedy, 17. Ben Te’o, 18. Corey Oates


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