ROUND NINE MATCH REPORT | Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 24-56 Penrith Panthers

Chloe Schibeci reviews the Saturday afternoon match between the Sharks and the Panthers. Here’s how the game went.


Minute Scoring Play Score
3rd Try Brent Naden (Panthers) Panthers 4-0
5th Goal Nathan Cleary (Panthers) Panthers 6-0
12th Try Liam Martin (Panthers) Panthers 10-0
12th Goal Nathan Cleary (Panthers) Panthers 12-0
19th Try Stephen Crichton (Panthers) Panthers 16-0
23rd Try Charlie Staines (Panthers) Panthers 20-0
25th Try Dylan Edwards (Panthers) Panthers 24-0
27th Goal Stephen Crichton (Panthers) Panthers 26-0
36th Try Briton Nikora (Sharks) Panthers 26-4
37th Goal Shaun Johnson (Sharks) Panthers 26-6
39th Try Blayke Brailey (Sharks) Panthers 26-10
40th Goal Shaun Johnson (Sharks) Panthers 26-12
44th Try Charlie Staines (Panthers) Panthers 30-12
52nd SIN BIN James Tamou (Panthers) Panthers 30-12
55th Try Billy Burns (Panthers) Panthers 34-12
57th Goal Nathan Cleary (Panthers) Panthers 36-12
58th Try Jesse Ramien (Sharks) Panthers 36-16
59th Goal Shaun Johnson (Sharks) Panthers 36-18
63rd SIN BIN Aaron Woods (Sharks) Panthers 36-18
64th Goal Nathan Cleary (Panthers) Panthers 38-16
66th Try Stephen Crichton (Panthers) Panthers 42-18
67th Goal Nathan Cleary (Panthers) Panthers 44-18
69th Try Nene Macdonald (Sharks) Panthers 44-22
70th Goal Shaun Johnson (Sharks) Panthers 42-24
73rd Try Charlie Staines (Panthers) Panthers 48-24
75th Goal Nathan Cleary (Panthers) Panthers 50-24
78th Try Charlie Staines (Panthers) Panthers 54-24
79th Goal Nathan Cleary (Panthers) Panthers 56-24


1st Half

The Panthers started hard and fast against the Sharks on Saturday, scoring their first points of the afternoon after just three minutes of play.

Debutant Charlie Staines made quite the impression on Saturday afternoon, scoring a try and setting one up immediately after. He was an invaluable part of Penrith’s incredible first half.

The Sharks struggled in the first half. They weren’t presented with many opportunities to hit back against a full-strength Panthers outfit. Though, in saying this, they didn’t take advantage of any possession they had. Cronulla just didn’t seem to be up to the task at hand.

Everything about the Panthers looked spot on in the opening forty. However, they did let two tries for Cronulla slip in the dying minutes of the first half.

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2nd Half

The contest in the second half was much better. Debutant Charlie Staines scored his second try of the afternoon in the opening five minutes. The Sharks looked better, more competitive throughout the second half, however, it was nowhere near enough to come back against the Panthers who had established dominance in the first half.

Billy Burns scored for Penrith in the 56th minute, and only two minutes later, Cronulla’s Jesse Ramien hit back for his side. With 20 minutes remaining, it looked like there would be a bit of a contest. A similar try sequence occurred again ten minutes later; Stephen Crichton for the Panthers, then Nene Macdonald for the Sharks two minutes later.

James Tamou and Aaron Woods were sent to the sin bin.

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Charlie Staines scored another two tries, bringing his debut tally up to 4. The Panthers ran away with the game, in the end, scoring 56 points to the Sharks’ 24.



The Panthers’ start. It was immediately evident that the Penrith Panthers meant business and were there to play and to win. They took no time to score their first points of the game and kept them coming, giving Cronulla very minimal opportunities to score points and gain momentum. The contest between the sides was far better in the second half, however, the Panthers set themselves up perfectly for their win based on their attitude at the start of the game.


Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks: 1. Josh Dugan, 2. Sione Katoa, 3. Bryson Goodwin, 4. Jesse Ramien, 21. Nene Macdonald, 6. Shaun Johnson, 7. Chad Townsend, 8. Aaron Woods, 9. Blayke Brailey, 15. Braden Hamlin-Uele, 11. Briton Nikora, 12. Wade Graham, 13. Jack Williams, 8. Andrew Fifita, 14. Toby Rudolf, 16. Siosifa Talakai, 17. Royce Hunt

Penrith Panthers: 1. Dylan Edwards, 2. Josh Mansour, 4. Stephen Crichton, 21. Charlie Staines, 5. Brent Naden, 6. Jarome Luai, 7. Nathan Cleary, 8. James Tamou, 9. Apisai Koroisau, 10. James Fisher-Harris, 11. Viliame Kikau, 12. Liam Martin, 13. Isaah Yeo, 14. Tyrone May, 16. Moses Leota, 17. Billy Burns, 20. Spencer Leniu


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