Rugby League Betting Guide For 2020

Rugby League Betting Guide For 2020

When it comes to betting on rugby, the Rugby League is among the most popular leagues in the world. The league is fast-paced compared to the Rugby Union, though they both use the same basic principles. Each game features two 40-minute halves, with 13 players on each side. Additionally, the attacking team can only be tackled six times before being forced to turn over the procession, and there are no line-outs.

Here’s a beginners guide for betting on the rugby league in 2020:

Betting Markets Available

Most leading bookmakers like Betway offer a wide array of Rugby League markets on major European competition and the Australian Rugby League.  Here are three main markets worth trying for beginners and professional punters alike.

Match Betting

Match betting is the most popular and arguably the simplest way to wager on the rugby league by predicting the match outcome. Once you’ve chosen the team to back, you will then need to select home win (1), away win (2), or draw (X). However, draws are very rare in rugby.

Handicap Betting

While Handicap betting is quite popular in the rugby league, punters accustomed to football betting may not be familiar with it. Essentially, handicapping is a technique used by bookies to level up fixtures by giving handicap odds.

With this betting market, the underdog is given a head start over the opponents, and you need to predict the final outcome of the game considering it. For punters interested in this market, Betway is the perfect place for you to start betting on rugby as they have very solid odds.

Totals Betting

This betting market has nothing to do with who wins or loses the game. The bookie sets the number of total points that might be scored in a game, and you can wager on over or under. That means you’ll be predicting whether the whole game will exceed the predetermined points or not. It’s an excellent market when betting on evenly matched games where it’s not clear which team will win.

Other Markets

Besides the three main betting markets above, you can also wager on all kinds of permutations. Most of these markets are familiar to those present in soccer, so there are plenty of chances to bet. That includes betting on individual players to score, betting on the first try scorer, and even the last try scorer. Even better, you can also bet on things like “Man of the Match.”

Rugby Union Betting Strategy

While knowing the available betting markets is a crucial first step, it’s not enough for you to be successful while betting on rugby. Here are some betting strategies and tips to help you start turning a profit while placing wagers.

  1. Have intimate knowledge of the teams you’re backing.
  2. Monitor the weather changes as bad weather can significantly affect a rugby game.
  3. Check the team news and ensure that all the key players are playing and note any last-minute changes in the lineup.
  4. Know the markets you choose. For instance, wingers are known to score first try in most matches.
  5. Have a betting strategy and stick with it. 

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