2021 NRL Mid-Season Team Report Card

Canberra (4-8) = After a tremendous effort to make the 2020 preliminary final despite crucial injuries and a lot a travel, many expected Canberra to be premiership contenders. Along with the nostalgic thrill of Canberra Milk returning as their major sponsor (and the popular 1994 replica heritage jersey), hopes were high at Bruce Stadium. While they were a promising 3-1 around Easter (their only loss the aforementioned Warriors game), it all fell apart from there. Since the Easter Saturday night win over the Titans, Canberra have lost seven of their last eight. These losses were lowlighted by incredible second half collapses: they led Parramatta 12-10 at halftime and lost 35-10; North Queensland 24-6 (losing 26-24), South Sydney 16-14 (losing 34-20), and Newcastle 16-0 (losing 24-16). In less that two months, The Milk have plummeted from title favourites to struggling to make the eight. If that’s not bad enough, Canberra have had more off-field drama than a badly written soap opera, compounded by George Williams leaving the club after the heavy Melbourne Storm loss. Even worse news is Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad being out for all but the rest of the season, as his injury against Penrith started the rot. 

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