2021 NRL Round 18, Cowboys 18 Roosters 34 – Report

Chloe Schibeci reviews the rescheduled Super Saturday opener between North Queensland and the Sydney Roosters. Here’s how the game went.


Cowboys 18

Tries: David Bowen (4), Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow (13), Reece Robson (61)

Goals: Scott Drinkwater (6, 15, 63)

Roosters 34

Tries: Angus Crichton (25), Billy Smith (34), Joseph Manu (39), Matt Ikuvalu (59, 79), Sitili Tupouniua (69), Sam Walker (74)

Goals: Sam Walker (36, 71, 75)

Player of the Year Points

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3 pts – Joseph Manu (Sydney Roosters)
2 pts – Matt Ikuvalu (Sydney Roosters)
1 pt – Scott Drinkwater (North Queensland Cowboys)


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1st Half

The Cowboys came out guns blazing in the first half, scoring their first try of the afternoon within the first five minutes of play. Seemingly more accustomed to the humid winter weather, the Cowboys looked dominant in the beginning stages of the game, meanwhile the Roosters were seemingly struggling to compete early on.

Angus Crichton was the first to score for the Roosters with just 15 minutes remaining in the first half; these were important points for them to score so they could get themselves involved in the contest. Ten minutes later, Billy Smith scored for the Roosters, who were now just two points behind the Cowboys.

The Roosters were well and truly in the match, and were beginning to look stronger. A try right on the stroke of half-time from Easts centre Joseph Manu gave them a two-point lead. Both the Cowboys and the Roosters had their work cut out for them at half-time, hoping to gain momentum and score the necessary points to walk away with the win. 

HALF-TIME: North Queensland Cowboys 12 Sydney Roosters 14

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2nd Half

The Roosters took to the field in the second half just two points ahead of the Cowboys, who were hoping to regain the momentum they let slip late in the first half when the Roosters scored their 14 points.

The first points of the second half didn’t come until the 59th minute when Matt Ikuvalu scored an unconverted try, putting the Roosters six points ahead. Not long after, however, the Cowboys fought back and scored a try to level the score at 18 points each. The energy was majorly elevated from both the Roosters and the Cowboys, equally hopeful to walk away with the two competition points.

Despite defensive efforts from North Queensland, the Roosters managed to score an additional 16 points to seal the deal for themselves, with tries from Sitili Tupouniua and Sam Walker to secure their win, despite the Cowboys’ desperate defence. Right on full time, the Roosters were able to score one final try for themselves: Matt Ikuvalu easily crossing and scoring his second for the afternoon. 

FULL-TIME: North Queensland Cowboys 18 Sydney Roosters 34


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