The Race to 7th and 8th: Who Makes It?

Raiders (20 points, -74 points difference)

Final Four: Storm, Sea Eagles, Warriors, Roosters

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After winning four of their last five, the Canberra Raiders are tracking well at the back end of the season. Their only hiccup came against the Knights on a weekend where scheduling was thrown out the window.

They did enough against the Dragons, but they will need to drastically improve on that effort in the next month. Three out of their four opponents are top eight sides. Canberra did beat Manly Warringah in the Origin period without their stars, and recently edged out Parramatta, so their immediate record against top eight sides is reasonable.

Bailey Simonsson is due back for their next game, but they are missing Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, who is their impact player at the back. However, Jordan Rapana is doing quite well filling the void.

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