2021 NRL Round 22, Rabbitohs 36 Titans 6 – Report

Christopher Rooney reviews the opening game of Super Saturday: South Sydney vs Gold Coast. Here’s how the game went.


Rabbitohs 36

Tries: Latrell Mitchell (4), Josh Mansour (22, 75), Adam Reynolds (29), Braidon Burns (34, 42)

Goals: Adam Reynolds (5, 24, 30, 32 – pen, 44, 60 – pen)

Titans 6

Tries: Corey Thompson (65)

Goals: Toby Sexton (66)

Player of the Year Points

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3 pts – Latrell Mitchell (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
2 pts – Cody Walker (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
1 pt – Tevita Tatola (South Sydney Rabbitohs)


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1st Half

The Rabbitohs went into this match with a nine-game winning streak and as the second best attacking side in the competition. The Titans on the other hand entered this match with a winning streak of their own and had showed this season, with ball in hand, that they are able to score points. It’s what they don’t do with the ball that’s the concerning part, but you could argue the same for the Rabbitohs.

It didn’t take long for the Rabbitohs to get on the board with a crafty scrum play from Damian Cook, who then passed to Latrell Mitchell who just stormed over the line to score the first try of the afternoon. It looked to be one of those first halves were Souths were just going to dominate in attack.

To the Titans’ credit they were able to hang on for around 20 minutes until the Rabbitohs went in again with a number of tries to Josh Mansour, Adam Reynolds, and Braidon Burns. The Titans’ handling was poor to begin with, with a number of errors and unnecessary plays in attack.

A perfect example was the line break from Beau Fermor on play one of the set. While he was getting chased down, he should of just taken the tackle instead of kicking dead to the opposition try line. The idea was right, but for an edge forward who barely ever puts in a kick, it was a bad move in attack and the Titans only had themselves to blame for the lack of execution in attack and defence.

Four tries into the match, and a penalty goal from Reynolds, and the Rabbitohs were starting to build some momentum heading into the second half, which looked like it was going to be a runaway for them.

HALF-TIME: South Sydney Rabbitohs 24 Gold Coast Titans 0

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2nd Half

The start of the second half was as perfect as you could ask for the Rabbitohs. Earning a repeat set, then a standard pass from Cody Walker to Burns for his second try of the afternoon.

It was a start-stop second half between the two sides and neither side looked likely to score again in the second half.

After countless penalties given away by the Titans (and yet no sin bins), the Rabbitohs decided to take the penalty goal to go up by 32 points. The Titans were finally able to score a try after the 65th minute with Corey Thompson the only try scorer for the Titans this afternoon.

It was too late for the Titans to make any comeback, and there was more brilliance from Mitchell who passed to Mansour, who bagged a double for the day.

The Rabbitohs looked to be playing a bit frantic in the second half but their defence stood up and will be looking for a massive game against the Panthers next week, while the Titans will face the Melbourne Storm next Thursday, no easy task for a side trying to stay relevant in the top eight.

FULL-TIME: South Sydney Rabbitohs 36 Gold Coast Titans 6


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