2021 NRL Round 25, Broncos 35 Knights 22 – Report

Lachy MacCorquodale reviews the Saturday afternoon clash between the Brisbane Broncos and the Newcastle Knights. Here’s how the game went.


Brisbane Broncos 35

Tries: Kobe Hetherington (5), Corey Oates (14), Herbie Farnworth (34), Anthony Milford (42), Selwyn Cobbo (50), Tesi Niu (60)

Goals: Herbie Farnworth (7, 15, 35, 43, 52)

Field Goals: Anthony Milford (75)

Newcastle Knights 22

Tries: Enari Tuala (27), Starford To’a (47), Jack Johns (63), Chris Randall (66)

Goals: Jake Clifford (48, 65, 68)

Player of the Year Points

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3 pts – Anthony Milford (Brisbane)
2 pts – Selwyn Cobbo (Brisbane)
1 pt – Tesi Niu (Brisbane)


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1st Half

The Broncos were determined to give their fans something to cheer about as their season ends, and they were able to do so from the get go. Kobe Hetherington was the benefactor as Xavier Coates juggled a bomb that was deemed to travel backwards which was collected by halfback Albert Kelly who passed the ball to Hetherington to score under the posts. It took the Broncos just 10 minutes before they doubled their lead, this time the Broncos shifted the ball out to the left as they caught the Knights out for number which allowed Corey Oates to step inside and score his first of the afternoon.

Unfortunately for the Broncos, star prop Payne Haas was taken from the field during the first half with an injury which ended his season 60 minutes to short. To add salt to the Broncos wounds, the Knights shifted the ball left a few sets later and scored in the corner through Enari Tuala after a lovely cut out pass from Kalyn Ponga. The Broncos would have the last say in the opening half as Herbie Farnworth grounded a Tesi Niu grubber to extend the lead heading into the break.

HALF-TIME: Brisbane Broncos 18-4 Newcastle Knights

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2nd Half

The Knights needed to come out firing in the second term and attempted to do so but had an Enari Tuala try denied. Moments later, a brilliant pass from Anthony Milford out Selwyn Cobbo through a hole who passed it back on the inside for Milford who scored untouched under the posts. Newcastle got one back through Starford To’a only minutes later after Oates made a meal of Phoenix Crossland’s grubber.

The Knights were starting to get back into the contest but Cobbo stole all the momentum from the Knights as he intercepted a Jake Clifford pass and took it the distance to extend the Broncos lead to 20-points. Brisbane continued to terrorise the Knights and it was through Milford once again as he made a break down the right hand side of the field who then passed it central for Tesi Niu to score under the posts. The Knights would grab a few consolation tries, first through Jack Johns who grounded a Clifford grubber and then through Chris Randall after a brilliant carry from Brodie Jones. Milford capped off his brilliant afternoon with a field goal in the final minutes to put the cherry on top of the cake. A brilliant end to the season for the Brisbane Broncos and Alex Glenn as he ended his 285 NRL career.

FULL-TIME: Brisbane Broncos 35-22 Newcastle Knights


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