A Comprehensive Analysis of the 2022 NRL Draw

2022 NRL Draw Analysis – Season Stats by Day Turnaround

Five day turnarounds can be tough throughout an NRL season, and usually the Sydney clubs do more than out-of-town sides, probably as a square-up for the travelling the other teams have to do.

As such, the Sydney teams dominate the five day turnaround this season. 

The competition’s furthest travellers – the Cowboys – don’t have to back up as quickly. The Dragons and Knights appear to have missed the 5DTA.

The Panthers are especially lucky, having to do two five day turnarounds in three rounds.

2022 NRL Draw Analysis – Season Stats by Day and Night

A quick look to see who are the night owls and who are walking more on sunshine.

The day off for a day game is the 4pm-ish kickoff, although that could be fanciful thinking in winter.

The Broncos lead the way for night games as one would probably guess.

Canberra get the most day games, which is probably a good thing in winter.

Ironically the Knights have the second most day games.

2022 NRL Draw Analysis – Season Stats – Team by Team

Now for the quickest of summaries for each team going into the new season. We highlight the first and last six rounds with average game difficulty based on last season’s ladder position of their opponent. Plus throw in the breakdown of days played, day v night, and the usual FTA gripe.

We go through each team’s key stats and games ahead of the 2022 NRL season. And if there’s a point of interest or two we’ll fire it off.


The Night Owls – the NeinOwls if you will. Brisbane can enjoy one last season of the full attention of SEQ. And they have the FTA to match it. One wonder if they will be like the older sibling when the new baby is brought home next season. As a Redcliffe fan, we simply don’t care.

But as ever it’S loads of night games, so hopefully the introduction of a second Brisbane side means more day games for those in SEQ who love their Sunday footy. Unbeknown to Gus Gould, Queenslanders also love their Sunday footy. It’s just his mob don’t give us much of a chance. Sadly, even the Queensland Cup has moved a lot their games to Saturday nights.

Back to the 2022 season again

The Broncos, along with the Sea Eagles, are the top teams for games on a Thursday and Friday.


R3 – Sunday 27th March v Cowboys (a rare Sunday game v Cowboys) at Suncorp Stadium 

The last Sunday game between these sides was in 2016 – the grand final which the Cowboys pinched 17-16. Prior to that, these teams haven’t met on a Sunday since 2005.

R12 – Friday 27th May v Titans at Suncorp Stadium
R23 – Friday 19th August v Storm at Suncorp Stadium


The Bulldogs and Dragons have the hardest opening six rounds based on average 2021 position: they are lucky enough to get all top four sides from last season in a row from Round Three.  And the competition’s longest current journey of a trip to Townsville. If they are at 50% win rate by Round Six they are in super shape.

The Bulldogs have the equal most turnarounds of seven days or more in 2022.

They get to play the Broncos in Round Two and Seven. Hopefully both are an improvement on the game at Suncorp last season.

The Bulldogs’ most frequent playing day is Sunday in 2022, they won just one of nine Sunday games last season. At least that was the last one against the Tigers.


R14 – Monday 13th June v Parramatta @ Stadium Australia


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