2022 NRL Predictions – Grand Final Qualifiers

Here’s our NRL Predictions for Week 3 of the NRL Finals.


Maski long planti toktok! Give me the tips!

Matt Pritchard (Twitter: @mattpnbl)

Cowboys by 10
Panthers by 14

Andrew Pelechaty (Twitter: @ACTHellcat760)

Cowboys by 2
Panthers by 6

The Gurgler (Twitter: @gurgler_the)

Eels by 6
Rabbitohs by 4

Brad Inger (Twitter: @bradinger3)

Eels by 10
Rabbitohs by 6

Lachlan Jeffery (Twitter: @LachlanJeffery)

Eels by 4
Panthers by 8

Nathan Smith (Twitter: @NateJSmith91)

Eels by 1
Panthers by 8

Mark Barnes (Twitter: @NRL_SC_Allstars)

Eels by 7
Panthers by 12

Matt Attard

Eels by 12
Panthers by 18

Interesting Stats

Parramatta have won six of the last seven games versus the Cowboys on a Friday.

North Queensland have won 11 of their last 13 versus Parramatta in Townsville.

Penrith have won 21 of their last 23 games on a Saturday versus all opposition. For the record, both of those losses were in Townsville’s new stadium (vs Souths 2021, vs Cowboys 2022)

South Sydney will fancy their Premiership chances if they get past Penrith as they have won 11 in a row versus Parramatta and North Queensland.

H2H Stats

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