2022 NRL Round 3, Broncos 12 Cowboys 38 – Report

Chloe Schibeci reviews the XXXX Derby from Suncorp Stadium the Cowboys ended up completely dominating, despite a close first half.



Brisbane Broncos 12
Tries: Herbie Farnworth 2 (24, 77)
Goals: Adam Reynolds 1 (25, 77)

North Queensland Cowboys 38
Tries: Jeremiah Nanai 3 (12, 59, 63), Griffin Neame (39), Valentine Holmes (46), Tom Dearden (73)
Goals: Valentine Holmes 7 (9, 13, 40, 47, 59, 65, 73)


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1st Half

The local Queensland derby did not disappoint on Sunday afternoon. 

The Cowboys immediately looked up for the contest, clearly enjoying the local Queensland derby. Their first points came from a penalty goal scored by Valentine Holmes. Almost immediately after, they scored their first try, looking very confident. 

After fifteen minutes, the Cowboys were up eight points to nil. Despite the lead, the Broncos were just as involved in the contest, challenging their opposition, coming close to scoring a few times, just narrowly missing out. 

The contest began heating up. Valentine Holmes had the chance to extend the Cowboys’ lead, however, he opted not to pass the ball out, and fell just short of a try. Soon after, the Broncos were able to intercept the ball and make some ground, making sure to keep themselves involved in the contest. 

The Broncos were awarded a penalty try at the 24-minute mark. Herbie Farnworth was clearly held back by the Cowboys. These were the first points for Brisbane, narrowing the gap to just two points between the sides. 

Both the Broncos and the Cowboys were evidently up for a contest, each side showing strength in attack and cohesive defensive structures. 

The first half ended with a late try from Griffin Neame. The Cowboys went into half time break eight points ahead of the Broncos. 

HALF-TIME: Brisbane Broncos 6 North Queensland Cowboys 8

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2nd Half

Following a similar timeline to the first half, the Cowboys were the first to score points after Valentine Holmes was given the perfect opportunity, extending their lead to 14 points. 

Jeremiah Nanai scored his second try of the afternoon off a Dearden kick. Everything looked to be in the favour of the North Queensland Cowboys, who had well and truly established their dominance in this Sunday afternoon derby against the Broncos. 

The Cowboys had favourable possession and were completing almost perfectly in the second half, which most definitely was a defining factor. The Broncos were struggling to give themselves opportunities that they could capitalise on, and anytime they were given an opportunity, the Cowboys’ defence proved too strong. 

Tom Dearden and Jeremiah Nanai were back at it again just a few minutes later. A perfectly placed Dearden kick gave Nanai his third try of the afternoon. 

With six minutes remaining in the game, Tom Dearden scored a try for himself after going from dummy half right on the Brisbane line. The enthusiasm from the Cowboys turned the second half into a completely different game to what the first half was promising. 

Three minutes remaining and the Broncos were gifted with a lucky bounce that allowed Herbie Farnworth to score Brisbane’s second try of the afternoon.

FULL-TIME: Brisbane Broncos 12 North Queensland Cowboys 38


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3 pts – Valentine Holmes (Cowboys), 2 pts – Jeremiah Nanai (Cowboys), 1 pt – Tom Dearden (Cowboys)

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