Advice Proves Goulden for Barrett’s Bulldogs

While it was slammed across media outlets, Phil Gould’s visit to Bulldogs training paid off as the Bulldogs upset the Roosters. 

Sometimes as the classroom teacher, you need the principal to deliver the powerful message. When Trent Barrett reviewed his side’s second half fade out against the Broncos, he knew his team needed a spray.

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Rather than deliver this himself, he called in the big boss, handing the whistle over to Gus Gould.

This copped enormous criticism from many respected journalists labelling it an exercise in arrogance and the end of Barrett’s coaching journey.

Surely after an improved effort, it may have been a master stroke. 

Currently the head of football at the Bulldogs, Gus is a man with one of the great football brains.

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Many players including Brad Fittler and Andrew Johns have labelled him a genius and one of the best coaches they have had.

As a player from that era, Barrett has seen first-hand the aura he has through the multiple origin series wins in the 2000s.

Based on this, how could he not lean on Gus for help? 

Footy brain aside, not all the commentary on Gould is favourable.

He has developed a reputation as having an oversized ego and a control freak.

This was never more evident in his time at the Panthers. Despite showing enormous potential, he fired Ivan Cleary with a year left on his contract. More shockingly, Anthony Griffin was let go despite his side in finals contention and sitting fifth on the ladder.

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In this case, it was many who blamed Gus for being too hands on and not allowing others to do their jobs.

Warning bells many see in this current coaching situation at Belmont. 

Both parties Barrett and Gould have nothing but positives to say about the other.

In many ways they need each other.

Barrett needs to repair his reputation as a coach after a horror stint at Manly.

For Gus, he needs to show he can lead a club off the field and foster a supportive and nurturing environment for his staff.

Will they both realise this beneficial partnership or like we have seen many times before, will egos get in the way?

Only time will tell how the schoolyard at Belmore is run. 

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