2022 NRL Round 13, Raiders 22 Roosters 16 – Report

Andrew Pelechaty reviews the final game of Round 13: Canberra vs the Sydney Roosters …



Canberra Raiders 22
Tries: Adam Elliott (8), Xavier Savage (29), Sebastian Kris (42), Matthew Timoko (70)
Goals: Jamal Fogarty (10, 31, 43)

Sydney Roosters 16
Tries: Sitili Tupouniua (23), Paul Momirovski (61), Joseph Suaalii (65)
Goals: Sam Walker (25, 62)


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1st Half

It was a miserable winters day in Canberra, with only the hardiest and ‘bleed green-iest’ fans at Bruce today. Could the Raiders continue the feel good momentum of the ACT Brumbies, who won their crucial Super Rugby Pacific quarter final (also at Bruce) last night?

The Eastern Suburbs club won an early Captain’s Challenge, with Hudson Young penalised. Sitili Tupouniua strolled over, but was denied due to an obstruction, hence why the hole opened up so easily.

Canberra scored the first legitimate try when soon-to-be-Knight Adam Elliott strolled over: his first try for the Milk. Jamal Fogarty converted to give Canberra a 6-0 lead after eight minutes. It was the sixth straight game that Canberra’s scored first.

Easts had a chance to score when Joseph Suaalii knocked on trying to jump over Nick Cotric to catch a corner bomb. It was spectacular but unsuccessful.

There was a nasty ‘friendly fire’ head clash between Elliott Whitehead and Corey Horsburgh, but both seemed fine.

The disjointed Roosters were slowly starting to attack, but Canberra held them out: a testament to their steelier defence over the past few weeks. Though the Roosters were helping them with too many undisciplined piggyback penalties.

The Roosters finally scored with Tupouniua going over off Joey Manu’s nimble footwork and resulting flick pass. Sam Walker converted to tie the game at 6-6.

Canberra scored again through a magnificent bootlaces pick up from Xavier Savage off a dipping Ryan Sutton pass. Though Savage has an error in him while he’s learning first grade footy, when he gets it right, he’s sensational to watch, and his toughness can’t be denied. Fogarty converted again to give Canberra a 12-6 lead after 31 minutes.

There was bad news for Canberra with Jordan Rapana on report for lashing out with a boot.

While the Roosters were attacking, they weren’t their fluent self, and Canberra hung on for two full sets: a big effort so close to the break. But Canberra made a crucial error to give the Roosters the ball back, before Young forced an error. 

While it was a scrappy first half from both sides, Canberra did enough to lead by six. Though the Roosters were cleary missing the class of their absent Origin stars.

HALF-TIME: Canberra Raiders 12 Sydney Roosters 6

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2nd Half

Canberra opened the scoring with a bomb chargedown from Horsburgh, with Big Red regathering and passing for Sebastian Kris to score. Fogarty converted to give Canberra an 18-6 lead after 43 minutes. While Canberra had been in this position many times this season, they’ve shown greater backbone recently. Could they convert this big lead to another win?

Tupouniua looked to have responded but was short of the line on the last tackle. Another great defensive effort from Canberra.

Canberra got close to scoring again when Savage nearly went over.

The Roosters got an opening when Matt Timoko knocked on, but it was Captain’s Challenged and ruled as ruck interference. A crucial break for Canberra.

While the Roosters had plenty of chances, Canberra’s tenacious defence held firm again.

The Roosters finally scored through Paul Momirovski – off a possible forward pass. Though the try still stood. Walker converted the try to cut the lead to 18-12 with 18 minutes left. Would Canberra start getting nervous?

The Roosters got the ball back with a one-on-one strip, and took advantage with a huge leap from Suaalii off a Luke Keary kick. After such an excellent defensive display, Canberra were starting to fade again. Walker missed the kick, with Canberra leading 18-16 with 13 minutes left.

Timoko scored a crucial try for Canberra with under 10 minutes left. Fogarty missed the kick as Canberra led 22-16. It was his first missed goal as a Raider.

There was a crucial error from the Roosters with an obstruction penalty in Canberra territory, giving the Raiders a relieving penalty with two minutes left.

Matt Frawley attempted a one-point field goal but missed.

While the Roosters had one last shot, Canberra held on, with the Roosters narrowly missing a final scoring chance.

It was a crucial win for Canberra, who improved to 6-7 to stay in touch with the eight. The Roosters (7-6) stayed in sixth despite the loss.

FULL-TIME: Canberra Raiders 22 Sydney Roosters 16


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3 pts – Joe Tapine (Raiders), 2 pts – Hudson Young (Raiders), 1 pt – Joseph Manu (Roosters)

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