2023 NRL Squads and Player Movements

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LATEST: Freddy Lussick re-signs with the New Zealand Warriors until the end of 2024.

With players coming off contract in 2022 able to negotiate contracts with other clubs for 2023 from November 1 2021, we are monitoring the movement of players between clubs.

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  • November 15: New Zealand Warriors sign Luke Metcalf (2024).
  • November 18: Wests Tigers sign Isaiah Papali’i (2025).
  • November 25: North Queensland Cowboys sign Luciano Leilua (2025).
  • November 26: Dolphins sign Felise Kaufusi (2025).
  • December 3: Wests Tigers sign Api Koroisau (2025).
  • December 7: Dolphins sign Ray Stone (2023).
  • December 10: Parramatta Eels sign Josh Hodgson (2024).
  • December 15: Dolphins sign Michael Roberts, Harrison Graham and Valynce Te Whare.
  • December 17: Sydney Roosters sign Brandon Smith (2023).
  • December 22: Dolphins sign Jamayne Isaako (2025).
  • December 23: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks sign Oregon Kaufusi (2024).


  • January 21: Dolphins sign Jesse Bromwich (2024).
  • January 24: Dolphins sign Mark Nicholls (2024).
  • February 3: Dolphins sign Kenneath Bromwich (2025).
  • February 18: Dolphins sign Isaiya Katoa (2025).
  • March 2: New Zealand Warriors sign Dylan Walker (2025).
  • April 20: New Zealand Warriors sign Mitch Barnett (2025).
  • April 22: Melbourne Storm sign Tariq Sims (2023) and Joe Chan (2024).
  • April 26: Dolphins sign Tom Gilbert (2023).
  • May 2: New Zealand Warriors sign Ronald Volkman (2025).
  • May 8: Gold Coast Titans sign Kieran Foran (2024).
  • May 9: Dolphins sign Robert Jennings (2023).
  • May 11: Dolphins sign Connelly Lemuelu (2024).
  • May 16: Dolphins sign Edrick Lee (2023).
  • June 2: Dolphins sign Jeremy Marshall-King (2024).
  • June 9: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks sign Jesse Colquhoun (2024).
  • June 9: Dolphins sign Jarrod Wallace (2024).
  • June 10: Newcastle Knights sign Adam Elliott (2024) and Jack Hetherington (2024).
  • June 10: Newcastle Knights re-sign Simi Sasagi (2024).
  • June 13: South Sydney sign Daniel Suluka-Fifita (2025).
  • June 13: Melbourne Storm re-sign Justin Olam (2026).
  • June 14: Wests Tigers release Luciano Leilua immediately.
  • June 16: Wests Tigers sign Triston Reilly (2024).
  • June 17: Penrith Panthers re-sign Izack Tago (2025).
  • June 19: Parramatta Eels re-sign Ryan Matterson (2026).
  • June 22: Parramatta Eels sign Jirah Momoisea (2024).
  • June 23: Dolphins sign Brenko Lee (2024).
  • June 24: Penrith Panthers sign Luke Garner (2024).
  • June 24: Penrith Panthers re-sign Chris Smith (2023) and Eddie Blacker (2023).
  • June 29: Brisbane Broncos re-sign Selwyn Cobbo (2025).
  • June 29: South Sydney Rabbitohs re-sign Davvy Moale (2025).
  • June 29: Dolphins sign Sean O’Sullivan (2025).
  • July 1: New Zealand Warriors re-sign Freddy Lussick (2024).

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  2. steven waters

    I like the look of the bulldogs in 2023 though there is still a question mark over half at the moment and maybe fullback depending on how well Dufty goes next year. So their spine is still not top grade standard yet. But perhaps with the addition of some good forwards like Pangai Junior, Paul Vaughan, Reed Mahoney and Viliame Kikau to the likes of Jackson, Faitala-Mariner, Thompson and Hetherington this may change things and allow the likes of the current halves Averillo, Flanagan, Wakeman or even Biondi-Odo to be at their attacking best. Halves are only as good as the forward pack leading them and creating opportunities. But I think the addition of Burton is important as he can be a game changer even when the team is under pressure. So he needs to take control of the middle. So the half is going to be feeding the ball to Burton a lot.

    But maybe a creative half like maybe Biondi-Odo could exploit opportunities around the middle when the forwards get a roll on. So next year I think will be a test for all the half backs to stand up and se shall see how they go. So I think our half back is a wait and see. Gould and Barret must be reasonably happy with the current stock of halves otherwise they had the money to chase the likes of Johnson, Fogarty, Hynes, Townsend, Milford who were all available.

    We have a good hooker for 2023 and as mentioned Dufty may be the answer for fullback. But there are other current players that may shine with a good forward pack like Corey Allen. Even Ado Carr wants to try his hand atfullback and may prove a great move. He is fast and elusive like Barba and with room may tear teams up. It will also be interesting to see how Marshall King goes as I rate him as a half and hooker so he may prove a good utility player. He has a half mentality so he may get some opportunities next year with a good forward pack.

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