2022 NRL Round 17, Broncos 32 Dragons 18 – Report

Craig Cauchi reviews the Broncos encounter with the Dragons on Sunday Afternoon.



Brisbane Broncos 32
Tries: Delouise Hoeter (3, 49), Tesi Niu (25), Kotoni Staggs (36, 59), Ezra Mam (55)
Goals: Adam Reynolds (26, 38, 56, 61)

St George Illawarra Dragons 18
Tries: Cody Ramsey (16, 71), Moses Suli (32)
Goals: Zac Lomax (17, 34, 72)


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The Brisbane Broncos were missing over ten players through injury and origin but it was the one player the Dragons were missing that proved to be a massive difference. The Dragons started the first half with a plan to go after Adam Reynolds – a play that back fired immediately with Tariq Sims sinbinned for a late hit. The Broncos scored straight away down their left wing and it started a sequence of each side scoring a try. Cody Ramsey and Moses Suli scored for the Dragons while Tesi Niu and Kotoni Staggs kept the home side in the lead with their third try coming after Tariq Sims was once again sent to the bin again. The Dragons had early chances at the start of the second half but their young halves let the Broncos off the hook with a few poor kicks. It then allowed for the experience of Adam Reynolds to take full advantage with the Broncos pushing out to a 20-point lead, which was enough for them to take out the match


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3 pts – Kotoni Staggs (Broncos), 2 pts – Tesi Niu (Broncos), 1 pt – Adam Reynolds (Broncos)

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