2024 NRL: Round 17 Preview, Roosters Vs Tigers

Check out the match preview and prediction for the round 17 clash between the Roosters and Tigers.



Sydney Roosters Vs West Tigers
Allianz Stadium, Sydney
Date: Sunday, 30 June, 6:15pm


Roosters:1. James Tedesco, 2. Daniel Tupou, 3. Sitili Tupouniua, 4. Joseph Manu, 5. Dominic Young, 6. Luke Keary, 7. Sam Walker, 8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, 9. Brandon Smith, 10. Terrell May, 11. Angus Crichton, 12. Victor Radley, 13. Connor Watson, 14. Spencer Leniu, 15. Naufahu Whyte, 16. Nat Butcher, 17. Lindsay Collins, 18. Sandon Smith, 19. Siua Wong, 20. Blake Steep, 21. Ethan King, 22. Michael Jennings, 23. Salesi Foketi, 24. Delasalle Vaa

Tigers:1. Jahream Bula, 2. Solomona Faataape, 3. Brent Naden, 4. Adam Doueihi, 5. Luke Laulilii, 6. Lachlan Galvin, 7. Aidan Sezer, 8. Stefano Utoikamanu, 9. Apisai Koroisau, 10. Fonua Pole, 11. Reuben Porter, 12. Samuela Fainu, 13. Justin Matamua, 14. Heath Mason, 15. Sione Fainu, 16. Alex Seyfarth, 17. David Klemmer, 18. Kit Laulilii, 19. Charlie Staines, 20. Tallyn Da Silva, 21. John Bateman, 22. Justin Olam

Referee: Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski
Bunker: Chris Butler

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The fourth-placed Sydney Roosters will be eager to demonstrate who truly rules the roost when they face the sixteenth placed West Tigers in Round 17 at Allianz Stadium on Sunday night.

The Roosters have won nine of their last 13 games this season, with a few close calls, and will be eager to put on another impressive performance for their fans after thrashing the Bulldogs 26-8 last weekend.

They dominated possession and field position against the Bulldogs and will look to do so again this weekend against the Tigers.

The Roosters defeated the Tigers 32-8 in their last meeting at Allianz Stadium in Round 26 back in 2023. They have also won their last seven games against the Tigers, three of six at Allianz Stadium, and had a cracker of a win last weekend. This has only added to the Roosters’ confidence in their playing abilities and determination to get the job done.

Their lineup will only change slightly, with Sitili Tupouniua filling in for Fetalaiga Pauga at centre due to his four-game suspension, Lindsay Collins coming off the bench, Blues reps Angus Crichton and Connor Watson returning, and Spencer Leniu on the interchange.

Although the Bulldogs kept them on alert in extremely difficult, torrential rain at times, the Roosters did not falter and demonstrated that they were not willing to back down at any time.

The Roosters had some standout players in their match against the Bulldogs, including Luke Keary and his ball guidance and direction, Sam Walker’s absolutely brilliant kicking ability in both chip and chase and short and long kicks, James Tedesco and Jared Waerea-Hargreaves’ power and strength, which helped to carry momentum through the middle, and the lightning-fast Dominic Young on the outside edge.

Given their exceptional force and abilities, the combination of these players could be critical to the Roosters’ victory this weekend.

After a disappointing season, the Tigers finally found direction and team cohesion, resulting in an absolute demolition of the tenth-placed Raiders at home over the weekend.

The Tigers took advantage of the Raiders’ errors, poor execution, and poor decision-making, and will look to do so again to secure another victory against the Roosters.

Following their 18-10 victory over the Titans in Round 15 and their historic 48-24 thrashing of the Raiders last weekend, the Tigers are poised in their ability to go out and defeat the Roosters this weekend. They are aiming for their third consecutive win since 2018.

Some big names will return to the Tigers lineup, including David Klemmer, who will return from suspension on the bench, and John Bateman and Justin Olam, both of whom will be included in the reserves due to injuries.

The Tigers appear to have their own secret arsenal of players, with captain Apisai Koroisau providing guidance, speed, and versatility. The two youngsters in the side, Luke Laulilii and Lachlan Galvin, could be the key, with nothing stopping Galvin from crossing the goal line. Jahreem Bula provides the weapon they need on the outside edge, while Adam Doueihi and Brent Naden provide the forward thinking, awareness, lift, and energy needed in the middle. Last weekend, they provided some impressive intercepts, helping the Tigers edge closer to a remarkable win.

These players will undoubtedly put the Roosters to the test, with powerhouse Justin Olam serving as a backup if necessary.

The Tigers, who scored 30 points in just 21 and a half minutes against the Raiders, who are ranked tenth, might just have the Roosters plucking their feathers in distress this weekend.

Head-to-head stats can be found at Number Crunch Stats.


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Roosters by 14 points.

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