EXCLUSIVE | ‘Set of Six’ with Blake Wallace

Over the coming weeks, we will be asking a series of questions to various rugby league players. Today is the turn of Toronto Wolfpack star Blake Wallace…

Toronto’s Blake Wallace dives over for a try. Photo Credit: Mathew Tsang (RiverSpiral Photography)

Wallace has been in fantastic form for the Wolfpack this year and had a day to remember on Saturday, scoring three times against Batley Bulldogs in their 64-18 win at the Lamport Stadium.

The Wolfpack also recently confirmed their spot in the Middle 8s Qualifiers and hold an eight point lead at the top of the Betfred Championship.

With this in mind, we though it was the perfect time to find out more about Blake, his team-mates and how the squad are feeling heading into the biggest few months of the club’s career. See what he said below:

Blake Wallace celebrates scoring a try. Photo Credit: Mathew Tsang (RiverSpiral Photography)

Blake, how are you feeling heading into your first Qualifiers series? Is it exciting for you, knowing how big these next few weeks can be in the club’s history? 

“It’s definitely an exciting time for the club. It’s a big challenge and I know the boys are looking forward to it. We need to stay consistent throughout those games, but I feel like, if we can play some consistent footy and pick up some wins, it’s definitely going to put us in good stead as we work towards gaining promotion.”

How do you feel being part of such a pioneering side in North America?

“That was actually a big reason why I signed here, to bring a sport that I’d grown up with and loved since I was a kid, to a country where it was relatively new and to bring the same sort of joy to kids and families. I love the sport and to see people getting a buzz from it and enjoying as much as I do is a massive thing for me and a great privilege.”

Away from your time in Toronto, which has been the best ground you’ve played at in your career?

“I’m going to be very biased here and say WIN Stadium in Wollongong, with it being my hometown. I used to love playing there, it’s very scenic with the beach, and when you get a decent crowd there, it’s a really good place to play.”

How has it been having the new boys, like Josh McCrone, Gareth O’Brien and Matty Russell, coming into the squad and added some extra competition for places?

Gareth O’Brien takes a conversion against Barrow. Photo Credit: Mathew Tsang (RiverSpiral Photography)

“I think that the new boys have fitted in really well and added plenty of depth to the squad, which is good because, right across the park, there is healthy competition. I think what makes us better players is having that added competition in the group.

Gaz O’Brien is my roommate and I’ve hit it off really well with him, he’s a good mate of mine. Everyone gets along with everyone, which makes things really easy.”

If you were stuck on a desert island, which two Wolfpack players would you like to be with you and why?

“The first player I’d pick would have to be Ryan Brierley, because he’s got a pretty level head. He’s like my father; he gives me good advice, so he’d be able to reassure me!

Ryan Brierley strolls over the line as he scores his try against Batley Bulldogs. Photo Credit: Mathew Tsang (RiverSpiral Photography)

The other one would be Gary Wheeler because I have no doubt that he’d be able to manipulate us a lift home and sort out some way to get us off there!”

Where would you like to see the Wolfpack in 5-10 years time?

“Definitely Super League and Challenge Cup winners. That’d be unbelievable. But also, I really want us to have been able to properly grow the game in North America.”

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