NRL Predictions: Round 21

Here’s our NRL Predictions for Round 21 of the competition.


Maski long planti toktok! Give me the tips!

Matt Pritchard (Twitter: @mattpnbl)

Roosters by 16
Storm by 32
Sea Eagles by 4
Rabbitohs by 10
Panthers by 12
Sharks by 18
Bulldogs by 4
Tigers by 14

Andrew Pelechaty (Twitter: @ACTHellcat760)

Roosters by 4
Storm by 20
Eels by 6
Rabbitohs by 12
Raiders by 6
Sharks by 12
Cowboys by 10
Tigers by 18

The Gurgler (Twitter: @gurgler_the)

Broncos by 4
Storm by 20
Sea Eagles by 6
Rabbitohs by 26
Panthers by 2
Sharks by 12
Cowboys by 8
Tigers by 1

Brad Inger (Twitter: @bradinger3)

Roosters by 10
Storm by 18
Sea Eagles by 8
Rabbitohs by 18
Raiders by 10
Sharks by 16
Cowboys by 16
Tigers by 6

Lachlan Jeffery (Twitter: @LachlanJeffery)

Roosters by 2
Storm by 12
Eels by 4
Rabbitohs by 18
Panthers by 8
Sharks by 14
Cowboys by 6
Tigers by 10

Nathan Smith (Twitter: @NateJSmith91)

Roosters by 6
Storm by 16
Eels by 8
Rabbitohs by 18
Raiders by 4
Sharks by 12
Cowboys by 12
Tigers by 16

Mark Barnes (Twitter: @NRL_SC_Allstars)

Roosters by 14
Storm by 18
Eels by 10
Rabbitohs by 22
Raiders by 2
Sharks by 14
Cowboys by 12
Tigers by 8

Interesting Stats

Sydney Roosters have won their past seven clashes versus Queensland sides and 13 of their last 14.

Melbourne have won 13 games in a row against Queensland sides on a Friday. Also 22 of their last 23 Friday games v Queensland sides going back to 2011.

Melbourne Storm have also won their last 12 Friday games v all opposition.

Manly have lost all but one game against top eight sides (at time of game) this season from nine matches. And all six Friday games this season.

Penrith have lost no away games on a Saturday from 2020 onward.

Tigers and Newcastle have won just one Sunday game between them this season. Newcastle have lost their last six Sunday games and won just one of seven Sunday games this season. That was against the Tigers. Wests Tigers have lost all ten Sunday games.

 Match H2H Stats

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