ROUND 2 | Intrust Super Cup Preview

The second week of the Intrust Super Cup kicks off this weekend with Ipswich Jets hosting Townsville Blackhawks at North Ipswich Reserve on Saturday.

For fans in Brisbane, Sunday sees three games at the popular 3pm time slot at Easts, Wynnum and Souths Logan.

Intrust Super Cup Round 2 Preview


Live Channel 9 at 1pm 

Two clubs with strong military links, and the shared experience of the 2015 Grand Final go head to head in what will be an entertaining TV game for all. Townsville blew Mackay away last weekend 56-12, Ipswich lost 22-12 in Port Moresby. Will the Jets different style be enough to put off the competition favourites?

Last Year – Ipswich 26 Townsville 39  Ipswich 22 Townsville 20 (Country Week)


Ipswich Jets: 1. Michael Purcell 2. Wes Conlon 3. Pio Seci 17. Rory Humphreys 5. Richard Pandia 6. Julian Christian 7. Dane Phillips 8. Tyson Lofipo 16. Rowan Winterfield 10. Nathaniel Neale (c) 11. Ben White 12. Sebastian Pandia 13. Benjamin Shea 4. Samuel Caslick 9. Jayden Connors 14. Denzel King 15. Kierran Moseley

Townsville Blackhawks: 1. Carlin Anderson 2. Jonathon Reuben 3. Shaun Hudson 4. Kalifa Faifai-Loa 5. Michael Carroll 6. Jaelen Feeney 7. Zach Dockar-Clay 8. Francis Molo 9. Krys Freeman 10. Brenden Santi 11. Jacob Marketo 12. Andrew Niemoeller 13. Joe Boyce 15. Rodney Griffin 16. Ross Bella 17. Temone Power 22. Sione Lousi




A Grand Final rematch from 2016, with the man of the match Cameron Cullen now back at Redcliffe. Burleigh impressed, particularly in the first half in a good opening win on the Sunshine Coast last weekend. Somehow Redcliffe kicked a 79th minute field goal and lost, as they gave away a penalty in attack, well within goal scoring range. Redcliffe had the edge on Burleigh last season, but it looks like a different season ahead for the Bears in 2018.

Last Year – Redcliffe 26 Burleigh 8  —  Burleigh 16 Redcliffe 32


Burleigh Bears1. Kurtis Rowe 2. Troy Leo 3. Sami Sauiluma 4. Joshua Berkers 5. Henare Wells 6. Dallas Wells 7. Jamal Fogarty 8. Luke Page (c) 9. Patrick Politoni 10. Matthew White 11. Hayden Schwass 12. Blake Leary 13. Sam Coster 14. Jai Whitbread 15. Joshua Ailaomai 16. Dylan Kelly 17 Matthew Robinson

Redcliffe Dolphins1. Tony Tumusa 2. Jonus Pearson 3. Jeremy Hawkins 4. Moses Pangai 5. Josh Beehag  6. Manaia Rudolph 7. Cameron Cullen (c) 18. Sam Anderson 9. Hugh Pratt 10. Nathan Watts 11. Scott Schulte 12. Jamil Hopoate 13. Samson Graham 14. Toby Rudolf 15. James Taylor 16. Thomas Geraghty 17. Sheldon Pitama



VIEW: PNG HUNTERS away games are usually accompanied by a Live Stream from QRL website. Stay tuned.

The Pride went down to Wynnum in their home game at Langlands Park last weekend, which saw the debut of Todd Carney in Pride colours. He will get the ultimate sign he is in the Intrust Super Cup this weekend as the Hunter hit Cairns to continue a winning start to 2018. The Hunters got the job done against Ipswich last weekend, and will be fitter again this weekend, and against a side they beat home and away last season. Battle of Ase Boas v Todd Carney will be great to watch. What will that say about either of their NRL aspirations?

Last Year – PNG 26 Pride 10  —  Pride 14 PNG 18


Northern Pride1. Jack Hampson 2. Murray Taulagi 3. Brett Anderson 4. Enari Tuala 5. Justin Castellaro 6. Todd Carney 7. Jake Clifford 8. Darryn Schonig 9. Ryan Ghietti 10. William Bugden 11. Tom Hancock 12. Graham Clark 13. David Murphy 14. Colin Wilkie 15. Nathan Wales 16. Emry Pere 17. Troy Kapea 18. Jordan Biondi-Odo 19. Aidan Day 20. Shawn Bowen

PNG Hunters1. Adex Wera 2. Wawa Paul 3. Nixon Putt 4. Willie Minoga 5. Butler Morris 6. Ase Boas (c) 7. Watson Boas 8. Moses Meninga 9. Wartovo Puara 10. Mekenzie Yei 11. Rahdly Brawa 12. John Andy 13. Adam Korave 14. Charlie Simon 15. Ila Alu 16. Edene Gebbie 17. Dilbert Issac 18. Stargroth Amean 19. Muhammad Mukapeter Kalu 20. Brendon Gotuno



Two 2017 strugglers off to the best possible start in 2018, with a win, and in the case of the Capras quite the upset against the Tigers. Both teams will gladly take the 2-0 start to the year, and both sides can call upon some great NRL experience in the forwards – Dave Taylor for Central and Sam Tagataese for Norths. But not forgetting some of the other very good more low profile recruits Connor Broadhurst (Capras) and Alex Bishop (Devils).

Last Year – Norths 36 Central 12


Central Capras: 1. Zeik Foster 2. Ken Tofilau 3. Connor Broadhurst 4. Nathan Bassani 5. Chanel Seigafo 6. Blake Goodman 7. Jack Madden 8. William Cullen 9. Billy Gilbert 10. Phillip Nati 11. David Cowhan 20. David Taylor 13. Jerry Key 14. Aaron Teroi 15. James Hill 16. Brad Lupi 17. Luke George 18. Tyson White 19. Maipele Morseau 21. Peter Rogers

Norths Devils1. Jack Ahearn 2. Paul Ulberg 3. Luke Pollock 4. Luke Ellis 5. Samuel Wright 6. Gary Riccardi 7. Todd Murphy 8. Sam Tagataese 9. Alex Bishop 10. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown 11. Moses McGreal 12. Michael Sio 13. John Palavi 14. Guy Williams 15. Oshae Tuiasau 16. Carne Doyle-Manga 17. Hemi Mullen 18. Stephen Coombe 19. Danny Kerr




Neither side got a result out of their opening round fixture, Easts surprising losers in Rockhampton, Mackay’s end margin of 56-12 a little surprising after the Blackhawks went on one of their occasional rampages. Easts should win this one on paper with quality all over the field, but Mackay arguably have a superior halves combination, throw in promising hooker Josh Chudleigh and this game could be closer than last weekend’s results and home results from 2017 would have you believe.

Last Year – Mackay 33 Easts 10  — Easts 34 Mackay 10


Easts Tigers: 1. Scott Drinkwater 2. Linc Port 3. Conor Carey 4. Kea Pere 5. Jarrod McInally 6. Joshua Ralph 7. Brayden Torpy 8. David Tyrrell 9. Brandon Smith 10. Patrick Kaufusi 11. Jake Foster 12. Brett Greinke 13. Jack Svendsen 14. Joseph Bond 15. Ashley Little 16. Anton Iaria 17. Jarred Tuite 18. Harley Aiono 19. James Salter

Mackay Cutters: 1. Yamba Bowie 2. Kurt Wiltshire 3. Nathan Saumalu 4. Blake Atherton 5. Johnny Faletagoa’i 6. Nicholas Hynes 7. Kyle Laybutt 8. Sam Hoare 9. Joshua Chudleigh 10. Nicholas Brown 11. Bennett Leslie 12. Shane Wright 13. Jardine Bobongie 14. Mitchell Dunn 15. Lona Kaifoto 16. Jordan Grant 17. Leonati Feiloakitau-Fetuani 18. Jack Hickson



View: Wynnum Live Stream

Good first up win for Wynnum at Langlands Park against the Todd Carney led Pride, a late try made it a little more comfortable.  The Falcon’s first game was over by half time with Burleigh leading 24-0, but the Falcons showed plenty of spirit in making a game of it in the end. Both sides benefit from decent NRL feeder arrangements, Broncos big boy Payne Haas is one to keep an eye on, and the Falcons have no less than a Fiji/PNG International in Tui Kamikamica/Justin Olam, who are both surely just an injury away from NRL.

Last Year – Falcons 12 Wynnum 8  —  Wynnum 12 Falcons 30


Wynnum: 1. Patrick Templeman 2. Peter Gubb 3. Jeriah Goodrich 4. Delouise Hoeter 5. Daniel Ogden 6. Shaun Nona 7. Michael Dobson 8. Ngarima Pita 9. Mitch Cronin 10. Max Elliott 11. Alex Barr 12. Atelea Vea 13. Mitch Frei 14. Jayden Berrell 15. Patrick Carrigan 16. Salesi Funaki 17. Payne Haas 18. Keenan Palasia

Sunshine Coast Falcons1. Ryan Papenhuyzen 2. Matthew Soper-Lawler 3. Justin Olam 4. Jye Ballinger 5. Alexander Copelin 6. Kurt Aldridge 7. Brentt Warr 18. Tui Kamikamica 9. Harry Grant 10. Jacob Hind 11. Second Row Dane Hogan 12. Christopher Lewis 13. Harrison Muller 14. Louis Geraghty 15. Lachlan Timm 16. Liam McDonald 17. Lachlan Roe



Just the way we like it, the third of three Sunday 3pm games in Brisbane. Guy Hamilton coolly slotted a winning penalty goal at Redcliffe last weekend for a good first round win, and that is one reason the Magpies look a good prospect in 2018 – Guy Hamilton. Nothing wrong with the rest of the side either. The Magpies problem in 2017 was home wins though, and this is a good opportunity to start that off right in 2018. Tweed Heads went OK in defeat last weekend to Norths, but will do well to avoid a second straight defeat in 2018.

Last Year – Magpies 32 Seagulls 18  —  Seagulls 12 Magpies 44

Souths Logan Magpies1. Corey Allan 2. Cameron Booth 3. Marion Seve 4. Scott Doyle 5. Lenny Magey 6. Guy Hamilton 7. Sam Scarlett 8. George Fai 9. Jordan Scott 10. Sam Lavea 11. Simione Fatafehi 12. Brendon Gibb 13. Patrick Mago 14. Lane Ferling 15. Phil Dennis 16. Uiti Baker 17. Thomas Flegler 18. Rhys Melville

Tweed Heads Seagulls: 1. Alex Grant 2. Kiah Cooper 3. Ryland Jacobs 4. Brayden McGrady 5. Tevita Folau 6. AJ Brimson 7. Eli Levido 8. Tristan Lumley 21. Sam Meskell 10. Moeaki Fotuaika 11. Lamar Manuel-Liolevave 12. Hiale Roycroft 13. Tony Matautia 15. Jordan Aiono-Fatu 16. Kia Sands 17. Lindon McGrady 18. Sam Saville 19. Theo Hippi 20. Jenan Parrish 22. Jarrod Morfett

Week 2 Predictions

Brendan O’Farrell from Intrust Super and former Queensland Origin star Adrian Vowles join us for 2018.


Townsville Blackhawks
Burleigh Bears
PNG Hunters
Norths Devils
Easts Tigers
Wynnum Manly Seagulls
Souths Logan Magpies


Townsville Blackhawks
Burleigh Bears
PNG Hunters
Central Queensland Capras
Easts Tigers
Sunshine Coast Falcons
Souths Logan Magpies


Townsville Blackhawks
Burleigh Bears
PNG Hunters
Central Queensland Capras
Easts Tigers
Wynnum Manly Seagulls
Souths Logan Magpies

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