Titanic Question Ahead as Fifita Contract Runs Out

Going into the 2021 season, the Titans were the unsinkable ship.

With an impressive recruiting drive including the prized signature of game-winner David Fifita it was clear water ahead.

However, once again the team looks destined to hit the iceberg and their star player could be the problem. 

Fifita’s ability to turn nothing into something is what made the Titans splash out a reported $3.5 million dollars on a three-year contract.

The amount of pressure and focus on Fifita is massive and rightly so given the size of his contract. However, it seems like the Titans have no idea how to use their star man.

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Their current Under 8’s tactic of “throw him the ball and hope for the best” is not working as the side have only managed two wins in their first seven games.

His latest game in the centres was a disaster where he had three errors and only managed one line break. It’s like they have been giving the world’s greatest gift but have lost the instruction manual.

Fifita is without question one of, if not the most dynamic player in the NRL.

The try he scored against the Eels was a classic example of this, breaking countless tackles on his way to a 50-metre run to the try line.

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A week later he had a similar effort against Manly.

While these are great moments, both games were losses.

Justin Holbrook needs to get more consistent moments from his star player by featuring him more heavily in attack.

Some runs in the middle or playing an Isaah Yeo ball playing role might just help build some variety in the Titans very basic game plan.

No one can argue that Fifita is a crowd drawing talent who puts bums on seats.

This is nowhere more important than on the transient Gold Coast.

However, with his contract coming up, the Titans need to reflect on and answer one of the tough questions.

Do they need to retain a star or use the money to build a star team?

The iceberg is getting closer and the next few decisions might decide whether this latest Gold Coast sporting venture sinks or survives. 

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