2023 NRL Round 22: Rabbitohs 32, Tigers 18

A second half come back attempt from the Tigers wasn’t quite enough after a strong first half from South Sydney at Scully Park on Friday evening.


South Sydney Rabbitohs 32
Tries: (6) Alex Johnston 2nd, 22nd, 65th; Isaiah Tass 17th; Keaton Koloamatangi 26th; Cameron Murray 76th
Goals: (4) Latrell Mitchell 3rd, 28th, 67th, 77th

Wests Tigers 18
Tries: (3) Apisai Koroisau 9th; Isaiah Papali’i 43rd; Fonua Pole 56th
Goals: (3) Apisai Koroisau 10th, 58th; Luke Brooks 45th

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The Tigers hosted the Rabbitohs on Friday night at Scully Park, Tamworth. 

The first points came very quickly, with Alex Johnston scoring for South Sydney after just two minutes of play. 

The Tigers’ Apisai Koroisau scored not long after Johnston’s first for South Sydney, levelling the score at 6-6. 

The Rabbitohs were looking more and more promising as the first half went on; meanwhile the Tigers were struggling, particularly in defence, allowing South Sydney to gain plenty of metres, whether they scored or not. 

Some lacklustre Tigers defence made it easy for Keaton Koloamatangi to find the ball after a kick on the last, scoring South Sydney’s fourth try of the evening. 

The first half looked to be all the Rabbitohs, while the Tigers struggled to find any opportunities to work themselves into the game. 

The Rabbitohs went into the break leading 20-6. 

The Tigers came out into the second half looking far more determined than they did in the first, ready to close the 14-point gap.

They scored first after just three minutes of play. They certainly would have been hoping this would be the momentum switch they needed to be more competitive against the Rabbitohs in the second half. 

The Rabbitohs were holding onto their eight-point lead, while the Tigers were making desperate attempts to score more points. Unfortunately for the Tigers, their attempts were coming up short, but the determination was certainly there. 

Finally, after a few attempts and mishaps, the Tigers scored more points through Fonua Pole, closing the gap to two points. 

The Tigers worked hard to keep themselves in the second half, after letting the first half slip away from them. Meanwhile, the Rabbitohs were clinging to the lead they worked hard to gain. 

In the final 15 minutes, the Rabbitohs had a bit more possession, and were able to capitalise on opportunities, further extending their lead, leaving little room for the Tigers to maintain their steady comeback. 

Johnston completed his hat-trick, and Cameron Murray scored just a few minutes before full-time, to ensure no late comeback from the Tigers. 

Much the same as at half-time, the Rabbitohs went back the sheds victorious with a 14-point win against the Wests Tigers


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3 – Alex Johnston (Rabbitohs)

2 – Latrell Mitchell (Rabbitohs)

1 – Lachlan Ilias (Rabbitohs)

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