2024 NRL: Squads and Player Movements

With players coming off contract in 2023 able to negotiate contracts with other clubs for 2024 from November 1 2022, we are monitoring the movement of players between clubs.

Seasons: 2025 2024 2023 2022

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  • 1st: Gold Coast Titans sign Keenan Palasia (2025).
  • 2nd: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs issue playing contract to Bronson Xerri (2025)*.
  • 5th: Newcastle Knights sign Kai Pearce-Paul (2025) and Will Pryce (2025).



  • 21st: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs sign Stephen Crichton (2027).


  • 24th: Dolphins sign Herbie Farnworth (2026)..
  • 26th: Dolphins sign Thomas Flegler (2027).


  • 26th: South Sydney Rabbitohs sign Jack Wighton (2027).
  • 26th: Dolphins sign Josh Kerr (2025)**.


  • 22nd: New Zealand Warriors re-sign Chanel Harris-Tavita (2025).
  • 27th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs offer Melino Fineanganofo (Western Clydesdales) train and trial.


  • 5th: Brisbane Broncos sign Fletcher Baker (2025).
  • 21st: Dolphins sign Jake Averillo (2026).
  • 26th: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles sign Luke Brooks (2027), Jaxson Paulo (2026) and Tommy Talau (2025).


  • 12th: St George-Illawarra Dragons re-sign Jack deBelin (2024 – activated player option), Mikaele Ravalawa (2026 – activated player option), Michael Molo (2024 – activated player option), Dylan Egan (development list 2024), Nick Tsougranis (development list 2025), Hamish Stuart (development list 2024, top 30 2025-2026), and Savelio Tamale (2024).
  • 19th: Wests Tigers sign Latu Fainu (2027) and Samuela Fainu (2027).
  • 21st: Penrith Panthers sign Daine Laurie (2024).
  • 27th: St George-Illawarra Dragons sign Hame Sele (2026).
  • 31st: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs sign Blake Taaffe (2026).


  • 1st: Newcastle Knights sign Jack Cogger (2026).
  • 1st: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs sign Jaeman Salmon (2025).
  • 2nd: South Sydney Rabbitohs sign Jed Cartwright (2025).
  • 2nd: North Queensland Cowboys sign Jake Clifford (2024).
  • 8th: Newcastle Knights re-sign Enari Tuala (2024) and Dylan Lucas (2025).
  • 11th: Gold Coast Titans re-sign Tino Fa’asuamaleaui (2033) and David Fifita (2026).
  • 17th: Wests Tigers sign Jayden Sullivan (2027).
  • 21st: Wests Tigers sign Aidan Sezer (2024).
  • 21st: St George-Illawarra Dragons re-sign Sione Finau (2025).
  • 22nd: Canberra Raiders re-sign Tom Starling (2025).
  • 22nd: Canberra Raiders sign Simi Sasagi (2025).
  • 23rd: Jordan Rankin announces his retirement from rugby league.
  • 28th: South Sydney Rabbitohs re-sign Cameron Murray (2028).
  • 29th: Parramatta Eels release Jack Murchie.
  • 30th: Josh Hodgson announces his retirement from rugby league.
  • 30th: Newcastle Knights re-sign Greg Marzhew (2026).
  • 30th: Penrith Panthers re-sign Dylan Edwards (2028).


  • 7th: St George-Illawarra Dragons sign Kyle Flanagan (2025).
  • 8th: Canberra Raiders re-sign Hudson Young (2027).
  • 12th: Penrith Panthers sign Paul Alamoti (2024) and Brad Schneider (2025).
  • 13th: St George-Illawarra Dragons release Zane Musgrove.
  • 13th: Penrith Panthers announce development players for 2024: Luke Sommerton, Isaiah Iongi, Preston Riki and Riley Price.
  • 20th: Penrith Panthers re-sign Lindsay Smith (2026).
  • 20th: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles sign Aitasi James (2025).
  • 20th: Canberra Raiders re-sign Corey Horsburgh (2027).
  • 20th: Wests Tigers re-sign Jahream Bula (2027).
  • 22nd: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles re-sign Brad Parker (2025).
  • 25th: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles re-sign Dean Matterson (2025).
  • 25th: Parramatta Eels re-sign Bryce Cartwright (2025) and Wiremu Greig (2026).
  • 27th: Gold Coast Titans re-sign Moeaki Fotuaika (2027).
  • 28th: South Sydney Rabbitohs re-sign Dean Hawkins (2024) and Michael Chee Kam (2024).


  • 5th: Dolphins sign Oryn Keeley (2026).
  • 5th: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks re-sign Jayden Berrell (2024), Mawene Hiroti (2024) and Kad Dykes (2025).
  • 5th: Wests Tigers re-sign Starford To’a (2026).
  • 6th: Parramatta Eels sign Kelma Tuilagi (2025).
  • 10th: Dolphins re-sign Jamayne Isaako (2026).
  • 12th: Wests Tigers re-sign Alex Twal (2027).
  • 12th: South Sydney Rabbitohs re-sign Keaon Koloamatangi (2026).
  • 12th: Gold Coast Titans re-sign Jacob Alick (2024).
  • 13th: Gold Coast Titans re-sign Tony Francis (2025).
  • 13th: Wests Tigers re-sign Alex Seyfarth (2025).
  • 16th: Parramatta Eels sign Morgan Harper (2024).
  • 18th: Andrew Davey retires from rugby league.
  • 20th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs re-sign Jacob Kiraz (2027).
  • 24th: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles sign Corey Waddell (2024).
  • 25th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs re-sign Blake Wilson (2025).
  • 25th: Newcastle Knights re-sign Phoenix Crossland (2026).
  • 25th: Canberra Raiders sign Kaeo Weekes (2025).
  • 26th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs sign Josh Curran (2025).
  • 27th: South Sydney Rabbitohs sign Sean Keppie (2026).
  • 31st: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles re-sign Lachlan Croker (2026).
  • 31st: Newcastle Knights sign Thomas Jenkins (2025).
  • 31st: South Sydney Rabbitohs re-sign Jai Arrow (2027).
  • 31st: Canberra Raiders sign Morgan Smithies (2026).
  • 31st: North Queensland Cowboys re-sign Jordan McLean (2024).


  • 1st: New Zealand Warriors re-sign Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (2025).
  • 8th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs re-sign Kurtis Morrin (2025).
  • 8th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs sign Drew Hutchison (2025), Kurt Mann (2025), Jake Turpin (2025), and Poasa Faamausili (2025)
  • 9th: Melbourne Storm re-sign Tepai Moeroa, Grant Anderson and Dean Ieremia (2024).
  • 10th: Sydney Roosters re-sign Billy Smith (2024) and Connor Watson (2025).
  • 15th: Canberra Raiders re-sign Hohepa Puru (2025).
  • 20th: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks release Matt Moylan.
  • 20th: Sydney Roosters re-sign Siua Wong (2026).
  • 21st: Brisbane Broncos re-sign Corey Oates (2024).
  • 21st: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles re-sign Jamie Humphreys (2024), Clayton Faulalo (2025) and Lehi Hopoate (2026).
  • 21st: Wests Tigers re-sign Charlie Staines (2025).
  • 22nd: North Queensland Cowboys re-sign Tom Chester (2025).
  • 22nd: Brisbane Broncos sign Jaiyden Hunt (2025).
  • 22nd: Canberra Raiders re-sign Ata Mariota (2026) and Michael Asomua (2026).
  • 23rd: Brisbane Broncos re-sign Brendan Piakura (2027).
  • 24th: Brisbane Broncos re-sign Jordan Riki (2027).
  • 24th: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks re-sign Toby Rudolf (2026).
  • 27th: Gold Coast Titans sign Harley Smith-Shields (2025).
  • 28th: Newcastle Knights re-sign Jacob Saifiti (2027).
  • 28th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs sign Connor Tracey (2026).
  • 28th: Sydney Roosters re-sign Nat Butcher (2026).
  • 28th: St George-Illawarra Dragons sign Tom Eisenhuth (2024).
  • 30th: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks sign Billy Burns (2024).
  • 30th: Sydney Roosters re-sign Sitili Tupouniua (2027).


  • 4th: New Zealand Warriors re-sign Tohu Harris (2025).
  • 7th: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks sign Michael Gabrael (2026).
  • 7th: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles re-sign Haumole Olakau’atu (2031).
  • 7th: New Zealand Warriors sign Kurt Capewell (2026).
  • 7th: New Zealand Warriors re-sign Jackson Ford (2025) and Rocco Berry (2026).
  • 8th: North Queensland Cowboys sign Thomas Mikaele (2024).
  • 12th: St George-Illawarra Dragons sign Corey Allan (2024).
  • 14th: Sydney Roosters re-sign Naufahu Whyte (2026).
  • 19th: North Queensland Cowboys re-sign Tom Dearden (2029).
  • 23rd: St George-Illawarra Dragons re-sign Moses Suli (2027).



  • 4th: St George-Illawarra Dragons sign Ronald Volkman (2024).
  • 2nd: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs issue playing contract to Bronson Xerri (2025)*.
  • 5th: Newcastle Knights sign Kai Pearce-Paul (2025) and Will Pryce (2025).
  • 8th: Wests Tigers sign Solomona Faataape (2024 – development).
  • 8th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs sign Mitchell Woods (2027).
  • 10th: Canberra Raiders sign Zac Hosking (2026).
  • 12th: Wests Tigers sign Justin Olam (2026).
  • 12th: Melbourne Storm sign Shawn Blore (2026).
  • 18th: St George-Illawarra Dragons sign Jesse Marschke (2024).
  • 19th: South Sydney Rabbitohs re-sign Peter Mamouzelos (2027).
  • 25th: Brisbane Broncos re-sign Tyson Smoothy (2025).
  • 29th: St George-Illawarra Dragons sign Raymond Fataila-Mariner (2025).


  • 6th: Brisbane Broncos re-sign Ezra Mam (2029).
  • 8th: St George-Illawarra Dragons sign Christian Tuipulotu (2025).
  • 9th: Sydney Roosters re-sign Billy Smith (2027).
  • 9th: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles re-sign Ben Trbojevic (2027).
  • 12th: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles sign Nathan Brown (2024).
  • 13th: Newcastle Knights re-sign Bradman Best (2027).
  • 15th: Canberra Raiders re-sign Pasami Saulo (2026).
  • 22nd: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks re-sign Jesse Colquhoun (2026).
  • 23rd: St George-Illawarra Dragons sign Luciano Leilua (2026).
  • 26th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs re-sign Sam Hughes (2026).
  • 26th: Brisbane Broncos re-sign Adam Reynolds (2025).
  • 28th: Sydney Roosters re-sign Luke Keary (2025).
  • 29th: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks re-sign Tuku Hau Taphua (2025)
  • 29th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs sign Zane Tetevano (2024)
  • 29th: Melbourne Storm re-sign Sua Fa’alogo (2028)


  • 4th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs sign Daniel Suluka-Fifita (2025)
  • 6th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs re-sign Max King (2027)
  • 15th: Penrith Panthers re-sign Izack Tago (2028)
  • 15th: St George-Illawarra Dragons release Paul Turner
  • 18th: New Zealand Warriors re-sign Luke Metcalf (2026)
  • 22nd: Penrith Panthers re-sign Taylan May (2026)
  • 28th: Dolphins re-sign Isaiya Katoa (2028)


  • 4th: St George-Illawarra Dragons re-sign Francis Molo (2026)
  • 9th: Melbourne Storm re-sign Nick Meaney (2026)
  • 9th: Penrith Panthers re-sign Preston Riki (2025)
  • 10th: Sydney Roosters re-sign Lindsay Collins (2028)
  • 11th: South Sydney Rabbitohs re-sign Jye Gray (2026)
  • 11th: St George-Illawarra Dragons re-sign Michael Molo (2025)
  • 14th: Sydney Roosters re-sign Terrell May (2026)
  • 16th: St George-Illawarra Dragons sign Fa’amanu Brown (2024)***
  • 17th: Canberra Raiders re-sign Ethan Strange (2028)
  • 24th: North Queensland Cowboys re-sign Heilum Luki (2029)
  • 25th: Dolphins resign Max Plath (2027)
  • 26th: North Queensland Cowboys sign Harrison Edwards (2026)***
  • 29th: Brisbane Broncos sign Jack Gosiewski (2025)***
  • 29th: Brisbane Broncos re-sign Billy Walters (2026)


  • 6th: North Queensland Cowboys sign Braidon Burns (2025)***
  • 10th: Newcastle Knights re-sign Dane Gagai (2025)
  • 14th: New Zealand Warriors re-sign Wayde Egan (2027)
  • 15th: Dolphins re-sign Mark Nicholls (2025)
  • 18th: St George-Illawarra Dragons re-sign Jaydn Su’A (2026)
  • 17th: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs promote Kurtis Morrin to top 30 (2025)
  • 22nd: Dolphins re-sign Ray Stone (2026)
  • 23rd: Gold Coast Titans re-sign AJ Brimson (2030)
  • 29th: North Queensland Cowboys re-sign Tom Mikaele (2027)
  • 31st: North Queensland Cowboys re-sign Coen Hess (2027)


  • 3rd: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles sign Jake Simpkin (2026)
  • 4th: Penrith Panthers re-sign Luke Garner (2026)
  • 4th: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles re-sign Jason Saab (2029)
  • 11th: Sydney Roosters re-sign Fetalaiga Pauga (2027)
  • 12th: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles re-sign Nathan Brown (2026)
  • 12th: Canberra Raiders re-sign Trey Mooney (2027)
  • 12th: Penrith Panthers sign Asu Kepaoa (2025)
  • 12th: Melbourne Storm sign Ativalu Lisati (2025)
  • 18th: Dolphins re-sign Jeremy Marshall-King (2028)
  • 19th: Dolphins re-sign Jack Bostock (2027)
  • 20th: Penrith Panthers re-sign Jesse McLean (2028) and Casey McLean (2028)
  • 21st: Penrith Panthers re-sign Luron Patea (2027), Billy Scott (2027), Trent Toelau (2026), Luke Sommerton (2025) and Billy Phillips (2027)
  • 27th: South Sydney Rabbitohs sign Fletcher Myers (2025)

* subject to NRL Integrity Unit approval in November 2023
** St George-Illawarra Dragons released Josh Kerr 18/06/2023 to join the Dolphins early.
*** mid-season transfer


squads updated at February 27, 2024.

Brisbane Broncos

Adam Reynolds,  Ben Te Kura,  Billy WaltersBlake MozerBrendan PiakuraCorey JensenCorey OatesCory PaixDeine MarinerDelouise HoeterEzra MamFletcher BakerJack GosiewskiJaiyden HuntJesse ArtharsJock MaddenJordan PereiraJordan RikiKobe HetheringtonKotoni StaggsMartin TaupauPatrick CarriganPayne HaasReece WalshSelwyn CobboTristan SailorTyson SmoothyXavier Willison,  Coby Black,  Israel Leota,  Josh Rogers.

Canberra Raiders

Albert HopoateAta Mariota,  Chevy Stewart,  Corey HorsburghCorey Harawira-NaeraDanny LeviElliott WhiteheadEmre GulerEthan StrangeHohepa PuruHudson YoungJamal FogartyJames SchillerJordan RapanaJoseph Tapine,  Josh Papali’i,  Kaeo Weekes,  Matt Timoko,  Morgan Smithies,  Nick CotricPasami SauloPeter HolaSebastian KrisSimi SasagiTom StarlingTrey MooneyXavier SavageZac HoskingZac WoolfordAdrian Trevilyan,  Noah Martin,  Michael Asomua,  Vena Patuki-Case.

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

Bailey Biondi-OdoBlake TaaffeBlake WilsonBronson XerriChris PatoloConnor Tracey,  Daniel Suluka Fifita,  Drew HutchisonHayze PerhamJackson TopineJacob KirazJacob PrestonJaeman SalmonJake TurpinJeral SkeltonJordan SamraniJosh Addo-CarrJosh CurranKarl OloapuKitione KautogaKurt MannLiam KnightMatt BurtonMax King,  Mitchell Woods*,  Reed MahoneyRyan SuttonSam HughesStephen CrichtonToby SextonViliame KikauBailey HaywardJoseph O’Neill,  Joash Papalii,  Kurtis MorrinPoasa Faamausili.

Cronulla Sharks

Addin Fonua-Blake*,  Billy BurnsBlayke BraileyBraden Hamlin-UeleBraydon TrindallBriton NikoraCameron McInnesDale FinucaneDaniel AtkinsonJack WilliamsJayden BerrellJesse ColquhounJesse RamienKade DykesKayal Iro,  Michael Gabrael,  Nicho HynesNiwhai PuruOregon KaufusiRonaldo MulitaloRoyce HuntSam StonestreetSione KatoaSiosifa TalakaiSiteni TaukamoTeig Wilton,  Tom Hazelton,  Toby RudolfWilliam Kennedy,  Dylan Coutts,  Liam Ison,  Mawene HirotiMax Bradbury,  Tukupa-Ke Hau Tapuha.


Anthony MilfordConnelly LemueluEdrick LeeEuan AitkenFelise KaufusiHamiso Tabuai-FidowHarrison GrahamHerbie FarnworthIsaiya KatoaJack BostockJake AverilloJamayne IsaakoJarrod WallaceJeremy Marshall-KingJesse Bromwich,  Josh Kerr,  Junior Tupou*,  Kenneath Bromwich,  Kodi NikorimaMark NichollsMason TeagueMax Plath ,  Oryn KeeleyRay StoneRobert JenningsSean O’SullivanTesi NiuThomas FleglerTom GilbertValynce Te Whare,  James Walsh,  Jeremiah Simbiken ,  Kurt Donoghoe,  Michael Waqa,  Ryan Jackson.

Gold Coast Titans

Aaron SchouppAJ BrimsonAlofiana Khan-PereiraBeau FermorBrian KellyChris RandallDavid FifitaErin ClarkHarley Smith-ShieldsIsaac Liu,  Iszac Fa’asuamaleaui,  Jaimin JolliffeJayden CampbellJoe StimsonJojo FifitaJosiah PahuluKeano KiniKeenan PalasiaKen Maumalo ,  Kieran ForanKlese HaasMoeaki FotuaikaPhillip Sami,  Ryan Foran,  Sam VerrillsTanah BoydThomas WeaverTino Fa’asuamaleauiTony Francis,  Arama Hau,  Ben Liyou,  Jaylan de Groot,  Oskar Bryant,  Seth Nikotemo.

Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles

Ben TrbojevicBen CondonBrad Parker,  Clayton Faulalo,  Corey WaddellDaly Cherry-EvansEthan BullemorGordon Chan Kum TongHaumole Olakau’atu,  Jake Arthur,  Jake TrbojevicJamie HumphreysJason SaabJaxson PauloJosh AloiaiJosh SchusterKarl LawtonLachlan CrokerLuke BrooksMatthew LodgeNathan BrownRaymond VaegaReuben GarrickTaniela PasekaTom TrbojevicToafofoa SipleyTolutau KoulaTommy TalauZac FultonAaron WoodsAitasi JamesBailey HodgsonDean Matterson,  Lehi Hopoate.

Melbourne Storm

Aaron PeneAlec MacDonaldBronson GarlickCameron MunsterChristian WelchChris LewisDean IeremiaEliesa KatoaHarry GrantJack HowarthJahrome HughesJoe ChanJonah PezetJosh KingMarion SeveNelson Asofa-SolomonaNick MeaneyReimis SmithRyan PapenhuyzenShawn BloreTepai MoeroaTrent LoieroTui KamikamicaTyran WishartWilliam WarbrickXavier CoatesYoung Tonumaipea,  Ammaron Gudgeon,  Kane Bradley,  Lazarus Vaalepu,  Sualauvi Fa’alogo,  Tristian Powell.

Newcastle Knights

Adam ElliottBradman BestBrodie JonesDane GagaiDaniel SaifitiDavid ArmstrongDylan LucasEnari TualaGreg MarzhewJack CoggerJack HetheringtonJackson HastingsJacob SaifitiJayden BraileyJed CartwrightKai Pearce-PaulKalyn PongaKrystian MapapalangiLeo ThompsonMathew CrokerMyles Martin,  Paul Bryan ,  Phoenix Crossland,  Riley Jones,  Ryan Rivett,  Thomas JenkinsTyson GambleTyson Frizell,  Will Pryce,  Fletcher Sharpe,  Sebastian Su’a,  Thomas Cant,  Zach Herring.

North Queensland Cowboys

Chad TownsendCoen Hess,  D’Jazirhae Pua’avase,  Griffin Neame,  Helium Luki,  Jake CliffordJake GranvilleJamayne Taunoa-BrownJason TaumaloloJeremiah NanaiJordan McLeanKulikefu FinefeuiakiKyle FeldtMurray TaulagiReece RobsonReuben Cotter,  Robert Derby,  Sam McIntyreScott DrinkwaterSemi Valemei,  Thomas Duffy,  Tom DeardenTom ChesterValentine HolmesViliami VaileaZac Laybutt,  Emarly Bitungane,  Jai Hansen,  Jamal Shibasaki,  Jodeci Baker-Tiraha,  Kaiden Lahrs,  Thomas Mikaele.

Parramatta Eels

Bailey SimonssonBrendan HandsBryce CartwrightClint GuthersonDaejarn AsiDylan BrownHaze DunsterJirah MomoiseaJ’maine HopgoodJoey LussickJoe OfahengaueJunior PauloKelma TuilagiKy RodwellMaika SivoMakahesi MakatoaMatt DooreyMitchell MosesMorgan HarperOfahiki OgdenReagan Campbell-GillardRyan MattersonSean RussellShaun Lane,  Tevita Taumoepenu,  Toni Mataele,  Will PenisiniWiremu GreigZac Cini,  Charlie Guymer,  Ethan Sanders,  Jock Brazel,  Luca Moretti,  Sam Tuivaiti.

Penrith Panthers

Ativalu LisatiBrad Schneider,  Brian To’o,  Daine LaurieDylan Edwards,  Harrison Hassett,  Isaah YeoIzack TagoJack ColeJames Fisher-HarrisJarome LuaiJesse McLeanLiam HenryLiam MartinLindsay SmithLuke GarnerMatt EisenhuthMavrik GeyerMitch KennyMoses LeotaNathan ClearyPaul AlamotiScott SorensenSoni LukeSunia TuruvaTaylan MayTyrone Peachey,  Isaiah Iongi,  Luke SommertonPreston RikiRiley Price.

St George-Illawarra Dragons

Alec TuitavakeBen HuntBen Murdoch-MasilaBlake LawrieChristian TuipulotuCorey AllanDan RussellFrancis MoloHame SeleJack de BelinJack BirdJacob LiddleJaydn Su’AJesse MarschkeKyle FlanaganLuciano LeiluaMathew FeagaiMax FeagaiMichael MoloMikaele RavalawaMoses SuliPaul TurnerRaymond Faitala-MarinerRyan Couchman,  Savelio Tamale,  Sione FinauToby CouchmanTom EisenhuthTyrell SloanViliami FifitaZac LomaxConnor Muhleisen,  Corey Ackers,  Dylan Egan,  Hamish Stewart,  Jackson SherebJosh Coric, Fa’amanu Brown.

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Alex Johnston,  Ben Lovett,  Cameron MurrayCampbell GrahamCody WalkerDamien CookDavvy MoaleDean HawkinsIsaiah TaasIzaac Tu’itupou ThompsonJack WightonJacob HostJai ArrowJosiah KarapaniJye GrayKeaon KoloamatangiLachlan IliasLatrell MitchellLeon Te HauMichael Chee KamPeter MamouzelosSean Keppie,  Shaquai Mitchell,  Siliva HaviliTaane MilneTallis DuncanTevita Tatola,  Tom Burgess,  Tyrone MunroRichard Kennar,  Dion Teaupa,  Ethan Ferguson,  Haizyn Mellars,  Liam Le Blanc,  Thomas Fletcher.

Sydney Roosters

Angus Crichton ,  Billy SmithBrandon SmithConnor WatsonDaniel TupouDominic YoungEgan ButcherJames TedescoJared Waerea-HargreavesJoseph Manu,  Joseph Suaali’i,  Junior PaugaLindsay CollinsLuke Keary,  Mark Nawaqanitawase*,  Nat ButcherNaufahu WhyteRobert ToiaSam WalkerSandon SmithSitili TupouniuaSiua WongSpencer LeniuTerrell May,  Tyler Moriarty,  Victor RadleyZach Dockar-Clay, Alex Young,  Blake Steep,  Ethan Roberts,  Lewis Murphy,  Xavier Va’a.


Adam Pompey,  Addin Fonua-Blake,  Ali LeiatauaBunty AfoaChanel Harris-TavitaCharnze Nicoll-KlokstadDallin Watene-ZelezniakDemitric SifakulaDylan WalkerEdward KosiFreddy LussickJackson FordJacob LabanJazz TevagaKurt CapewellLuke MetcalfMarata NiukoreMarcelo MontoyaMitchell BarnettRocco BerryRoger Tuivasa-SheckShaun JohnsonTaine Tuaupiki ,  Te Maire MartinTohu HarrisTom AleWayde EganZyon Maiu’u, Ben Farr,  Etuate Fukofuka,  Patrick Moimoi,  Sanele Aukusitino,  Selumiela Halasima,  Tanner Stowers-Smith.

Wests Tigers

Adam Doueihi,  Aidan Sezer,  Alex TwalAlex SeyfarthApisai KoroisauAsu KepaoaBrandon TumethBrent NadenCharlie StainesDavid KlemmerFonua PoleIsaiah Papali’iJahream BulaJake Simpkin,  Jarome Luai*,  Jayden SullivanJohn Bateman,  Jordan Miller,  Josh Feledy,  Junior Tupou,  Justin MatamuaJustin OlamLachlan Galvin,  Latu Fainu,  Samuela FainuSione FainuSolomon AlaimaloStarford To’aStefano UtoikamanuTallyn Da SilvaAlex Lobb,  Chris Fa’agutu,  Kit Laulilii,  Solomone Saukuru,  Tony Sukkar,  Solomona Faataape.

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