GAME OVER: Chris Sandow has gone one step too far yet…again

Another off-field incident for decorated halfback Chris Sandow will ensure no National Rugby League club will take him on.

Going blow-for-blow in a fight with a local from his home town in Cherbourg, 250km north west of Brisbane on New Year’s Day ended in Sandow being charged by Queensland Police with being a public nuisance.

National Rugby League clubs have an image to maintain.  Not helped by the 1% of players who get themselves into trouble which often damage the club’s reputation.

Just look at Mitchell Pearce’s incident on Australia Day in 2016 as a more recent example.

Sandow’s image too many times has been tainted through his troubled times at Parramatta. He will be seen by NRL clubs as a player who can’t be rehabilitated.

It’s such a wasted talent having played 84 times for South Sydney, 75 with the Eels and 21 with Warrington last year.

The 2008 Rookie of the Year has come to the end of a turbulent career.

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