NRL final draft reveals schedule for final six rounds

The final draft for the last six rounds of this year’s premiership has been published in the Sunday morning News Limited newspapers.

Canterbury Bulldogs and Brisbane Broncos are the big free-to-air winners with five matches to be shown in prime time.

In favourable news for all sixteen clubs, there’s an elimination of teams having to back up five days after their previous fixture.  This has been a concern for the Rugby League Players Association over the last couple of years.

The draft draw as follows:

Thursday (July 27)
Panthers v Bulldogs, Pepper Stadium (NINE), 7:50pm
Friday (July 28)
Warriors v Sharks, Mt Smart Stadium (FOX), 6pm
Eels v Broncos, ANZ Stadium (NINE), 7:50pm
Saturday (July 29)
Knights v Dragons, McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX), 3pm
Rabbitohs v Raiders, ANZ Stadium (FOX), 5:30pm
Roosters v Cowboys, Allianz Stadium (FOX), 7:30pm
Sunday (July 30)
Storm v Sea Eagles, AAMI Park (FOX), 2pm
Titans v Tigers, CBus Super Stadium (NINE), 4:00pm

Thursday (August 3)
Bulldogs v Eels, ANZ Stadium (NINE), 7:50pm
Friday (August 4)
Dragons v Rabbitohs, Sydney Cricket Ground (FOX), 6:00pm
Cowboys v Storm, 1300Smiles Stadium (NINE), 7:50pm
Saturday (August 5)
Knights v Warriors, McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX), 3pm
Titans v Broncos, CBus Super Stadium (FOX), 5:30pm
Sharks v Raiders, Southern Cross Group Stadium (FOX), 7:30pm
Sunday (August 6)
Sea Eagles v Roosters, Lottoland (FOX), 2pm
Panthers v Tigers, Pepper Stadium (NINE), 4pm

Thursday (August 10)
Rabbitohs v Bulldogs, ANZ Stadium (NINE), 7:50pm
Friday (August 11)
Eels v Knights, ANZ Stadium (FOX), 6pm
Broncos v Sharks, Suncorp Stadium (NINE), 7:50pm
Saturday (August 12)
Dragons v Titans, UOW Jubilee Oval (FOX), 3pm
Storm v Roosters, AAMI Park (FOX), 5:30pm
Panthers v Cowboys, Pepper Stadium (FOX), 7:30pm
Sunday (August 13)
Warriors v Raiders, Mt Smart Stadium (FOX), 2pm
Tigers v Sea Eagles, Leichhardt Oval (NINE), 4pm

Thursday (August 17)
Eels v Titans, ANZ Stadium (NINE), 7:50pm
Friday (August 18)
Rabbitohs v Warriors, ANZ Stadium (FOX), 6pm
Broncos v Dragons, Suncorp Stadium (NINE), 7:50pm
Saturday (August 19)
Knights v Storm, McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX), 3pm
Roosters v Tigers, Allianz Stadium (FOX), 5:30pm
Cowboys v Sharks, 1300Smiles Stadium (FOX), 7:30pm
Sunday (August 20)
Raiders v Panthers, GIO Stadium (FOX), 2pm
Bulldogs v Sea Eagles, ANZ Stadium (NINE), 4pm

Thursday (August 24)
Broncos v Eels, Suncorp Stadium (NINE) 7:50pm
Friday (August 25)
Raiders v Knights, GIO Stadium (FOX), 6pm
Tigers v Cowboys, Campbelltown Stadium (NINE), 7:50pm
Saturday (August 26)
Titans v Bulldogs, CBus Super Stadium (FOX) 3pm
Storm v Rabbitohs, AAMI Park (FOX), 5:30pm
Sharks v Roosters, Southern Cross Group Stadium (FOX), 7:30pm
Sunday (August 27)
Warriors v Sea Eagles, Mt Smart Stadium (FOX), 2pm
Panthers v Dragons, Pepper Stadium (NINE), 4pm

Thursday (August 31)
Cowboys v Broncos, 1300Smiles Stadium (NINE), 7:50pm
Friday (September 1)
Eels v Rabbitohs, ANZ Stadium (NINE), 7:50pm
Saturday (September 2)
Roosters v Titans, Allianz Stadium (FOX), 3pm
Sea Eagles v Panthers, Lottoland (FOX), 5:30pm
Storm v Raiders, AAMI Park (FOX), 7:30pm
Sunday (September 3)
Knights v Sharks, McDonald Jones Stadium (FOX), 2pm
Dragons v Bulldogs, ANZ Stadium (NINE), 4pm
Tigers v Warriors, Leichhardt Oval (FOX), 6:30pm

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