NRL Predictions: Week 1 Finals

Here’s our Predictions for Week 1 of the NRL Finals Series.


Maski long planti toktok! Give me the tips!

Matt Pritchard (Twitter: @mattpnbl)

Panthers by 12
Storm by 10
Sharks by 16
Roosters by 14

Andrew Pelechaty (Twitter: @ACTHellcat760)

Panthers by 4
Raiders by 2
Sharks by 6
Roosters by 2

The Gurgler (Twitter: @gurgler_the)

Eels by 4
Storm by 8
Sharks by 2
Roosters by 10

Brad Inger (Twitter: @bradinger3)

Panthers by 12
Storm by 8
Sharks by 6
Roosters by 10

Lachlan Jeffery (Twitter: @LachlanJeffery)

Panthers by 6
Raiders by 2
Sharks by 12
Roosters by 4

Nathan Smith (Twitter: @NateJSmith91)

Panthers by 1
Raiders by 7
Cowboys by 12
Roosters by 8

Mark Barnes (Twitter: @NRL_SC_Allstars)

Eels by 6
Storm by 10
Sharks by 4
Roosters by 10

Interesting Stats

Parramatta have won the last two matches versus Penrith as most people know, but also, both games were on a Friday.

Good news for Raiders fans. The last time Melbourne were in a knockout match the first week of finals they were knocked out (2014) and by the team who made the Grand Finals (Bulldogs).

Cronulla have won eight straight v North Queensland. Cronulla have also won six straight versus North Qld on a Saturday (last loss in 2016).

The last three times the Roosters and Rabbitohs have faced off in the finals the winner has gone on to win the Premiership.


Here’s the H2H record for each finals team against each other for the past three seasons.

Head-to-Head Stats

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