ORIGIN | Who’s most likely to win the State of Origin Series?

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The 2019 pinnacle of rugby is about to kick off with the NRL State of Origin Series. This means that the month of June will be full of entertainment as we wait to see who gets to raise the cup. Will it be the Queensland Maroons or the New South Wales Blues?

With predictions abound, many sports fans are placing bets to see who will win this best-of-three series. It’s during this season that your best mate can become your worst enemy, especially if they were born on the wrong side of the border. Yes, the Origin Series has an uncanny way of opening competitive streaks amongst both players and their supporters and this make room for some friendly (and sometimes unfriendly) gambling.  In fact, the State of Origin league can often be the trickiest sports bet of the year, which makes the series even more enticing!

The big question is: Do you choose your winning team with your heart or your mind? The heart is dictated by passion and tends to support a team that shares common ground, but logic and statistics can dictate the complete opposite.

Looking at the statistics, rugby league records indicate that up until now the series has been dominated by Queensland. The Queensland Maroons have defeated the New South Wales Blues more times in both consecutive matches and series in the past years. The odds still stand, however, and the New South Wales Blues could still walk away as champions.

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While we cannot predict the future, we can give you a few tips that might help you walk away with the winning bet with Timeform:

  • When in doubt, always back Queensland. This especially applies if you are new to NRL and don’t know the players well.
  • Don’t bet on the series too far ahead of time. You might be enticed into some better bets earlier on but this practice involves too many unknowns. Hang in there until the teams are announced and you are more familiar with the players. A last-minute bet can also help you to exclude the possibility of losing players to injury or suspension.
  • Pay attention to the finer points. If you study the team players and what their strength and weaknesses are, then you will be able to determine a more accurate assumption on who the stronger team is.
  • Decide what type of bet you want to make. Apart from betting on a winning team, you can also determine who will be the man of the match or who will score the most tries. Do some research to see what odds the online bookies suggest and then weigh them against that gut feeling you have. Just remember to be smart and don’t gamble out of spontaneity – your decisions should be well-thought out and responsible.

Dating back to its inaugural series in 1980, the NRL State of Origin has taken the sport to new levels and each year Australia is left with fans who rejoice in winning and those who walk away with their tails between their legs.


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