The Forward Pass: The NRLs new mobile game

The fake news that’s actually fake.

The NRL has launched an exciting new mobile game for Android and iPhone.

Based on the popular ‘Where’s Wally’ games, ‘Random Souths Guy’ gives NRL fans a virtual and immersive experience.

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In the game, players view animated scenes of simulated NRL 2017 games (not including Souths games) and find the Random Souths Guy (either male or female) in the crowd. Depending on how quickly they do it, players are ranked as Premiers (gold), Minor Premiers (silver) or Finalists (bronze). These rankings unlock simulated classic games (from 1998 to 2016) to play, real video highlights of completed games and a harder Time Attack mode, where players have a strict time limit to find Random Souths Guy.

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The main game includes the NRL season, finals, State of Origin, Pacific Tests, the World Cup and Kangaroos Tests, with over 150 levels, not including the unlockable classic games.

While the main game is free, players can pay $10 to download a special level creator. It allows players full customisation – including choosing the type of Souths jersey worn (from 1908 onwards), the stadium, teams involved, a day game or night game and crowd size. Players can upload their levels for other users to play.

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NRL CEO Todd Greenberg is excited about the game. “We’ve seen the Random Souths Guy cult, so we decided to exploit it and the lucrative mobile gaming world. The game welcomes all skill levels. It starts easy with five fans at a Roosters home game, all the way to a packed Origin or grand final.”

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Greenberg isn’t stopping there.

“We’re developing a tie-in hardcover book for children – available to buy on the in-game store – and we’re talking with Nintendo about Switch and 3DS versions, with all the 2017 games, classic games and the level creator, no extra downloading needed. We’ll charge $20 for the book and between $50-$80 for the 3DS/Switch games,” Greenberg said, before leaving to swim in a giant pool of money.

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The Forward Pass is a fictional and deliberately ridiculous look at the NRL. References to real people is for satirical purposes only. Check it out on Twitter @thefwdpass

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