Raiders Podcast War Heats Up!

The fake news that’s actually fake.

While previous The Forward Pass articles have been fake stories about real footy-related issues, this “very special episode” of The Forward Pass is about real people in a fake “Podcast War”. 

Though the Canberra Raiders are having a nightmare season, the “war” between Raiders fan podcasts The Green Machine Podcast and Raiders Review with Blake & The Pork has given fans a welcome, and funny, distraction from all the drama.

The Forward Pass spoke to The Green Machine Podcast host M1 about the biggest feud in entertainment since Oasis vs Blur in the mid-90s.

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Why is the Green Machine Podcast the greatest Raiders podcast? And why should fans of The Milk listen to it over Blake & The Pork?

M1: We started when we sucked. So we’re not just riding the successes. We’re die hard fans whose weekend enjoyment revolves around the Green Machine’s successes and failures. We call it as we see it.

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If you could “borrow” one segment from Blake & The Pork, what would it be and why?

M1: We’d borrow Lord Funkington’s tunes so we could destroy it like a Josh Papalii shoulder to the face.

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Do you think this friendly rivalry between your podcast and Blake and The Pork has given fans a welcome distraction during a horrible (so far) 2021 season?

M1: Podcast Warz are a thing of beauty while the footy suckz. We’re clearly #1*, and we recently anointed Bloke & The Dork #2, but then they got silly with signings and brought on Rocky Stuart and Lord Funkmaster who belong in Mounties.

* Longest running Raiders podcast

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What do you think makes for an entertaining rugby league podcast?

M1: Good insight, quality footy talk, entertaining hosts. All reasons I’m regularly surprised we are so successful despite having none of these.

We are about being real. I started this podcast because I wanted a pub-style conversation with your mates about the Raiders. We don’t care about the conversion being pretty or even factual. As long as it’s fun.

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Do you think the Raiders are still a finals chance in 2021?

M1: Definitely a chance at the grunge finals spot. Mainly due to the top five dominating everyone so mid-table is very busy.

M1: Lastly, what’s a Pork?

You can listen to The Green Machine Podcast and Blake & The Pork on all good podcasts apps (including Spotify) every week. GMP usually drops Tuesday nights and Blake & The Pork on Thursdays.

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The Forward Pass is a fictional and deliberately ridiculous look at the NRL. References to real people is for satirical purposes only. Check it out on Twitter @thefwdpass

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