The Forward Pass: What’s the NRL’s Fixture Change?

The NRL has dumped the controversial 6pm Friday game for 2018.

Following a small crowd at the SCG between Souths and St. George-Illawarra last Friday night (12,312), NRL CEO Todd Greenberg finally admitted the timeslot was dead.

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‘We’ll take the blame for that one. The SCG holds almost 50,000, Dragons v Rabbits should have been a sellout,’ said Greenberg. ‘The fans have been complaining about the early Friday game for ages, even Joey hates it. For once we’re going to listen. I know, I’m surprised too.’

Channel Nine CEO Hugh Marks is elated. ‘Only one Friday game means more attention for our – sorry – the mighty Broncos. Everybody wins.’

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The 6pm Friday game is replaced with a midday Sunday game, which Fox League is very excited about.

‘We can market this as Super Saturday and Super Sunday every week – the early game won’t be just for Warriors home games. We’ll bring Graeme Hughes back for the midday game, everyone loves Hughesy. That’ll really rub it into Nine’s stupid faces!’ said a Fox League spokesperson.

The Forward Pass is a fictional and deliberately ridiculous look at the NRL. References to real people is for satirical purposes only.
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