What you need to know about the 2021 NRL Season

We all know that the pandemic ruined sports globally, including the NRL. However now with the dust slowly settling and a vaccine on the horizon, we can actually start planning our lives ahead-the Telstra Premiership is no exception. They have actually promised the fans that this 2021 season will be the best ever to date, and we really do believe it.

While we await for the magic to unfold, it is always best to get ahead of the game and check the rugby odds before the season commences, especially if you are considering placing bets pre-Telstra Premiership. Below, we have included everything that you need to know for the season.

Season 2021

Round 1: Thursday March 11, Anzac Weekend will showcase matches within the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Townsville and Darwin. The Magic Round will be brought by KFC and shall then return to Suncorp Stadium between dates 14th-16th of May.

The Indigenous Round 12 is due on the dates May 27th to May 30th. The NRL will feature matches within Sydney, Townsville, Brisbane, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and Perth. There is also a Women in League Round that will take place shortly after during August 12th until the 15th. Round 22 is for the purpose of celebrating women and their contributions to the eight games across the board.

Ampol State of Origin, men’s game is set for June 8th, and then game two being June 27th. Game three will be in a different Stadium (Stadium Australia) on July 14th, with the Women’s Origin set earlier on the 25th June. The Venue is yet to be announced.

Telstra Premiership Finals will be scheduled for September 10, until October 3. The 3rd of October is, of course, the grand finale. Due to the planning and cancellations which have surrounding games this past year, the venue is yet to be confirmed and decided. Nevertheless, it should take about another month or so for the decision of the last location to be reached in terms of a decision.

NRL Pick’Em Weekly 

There is a chance that fans could win a total of $100,000 if you happen to select the correct margins for each round of the NRL. Of course, the following rounds are free to play, and you will not need to put towards it at all to contribute. Each week leading through the season, the player that gets all of the four nominated games will need to receive a share of $100,000.  Yet, if there is no obvious winner, there will be a $5000 prize instead to the person who is the highest rated tipster within the draw.

NRL Fantasy 

The NRL Fantasy is where you will play against fellow rugby fans of the NRL. Should you have what it takes, you will be given the full rounded experience of the 2022 NRL Magic round, where you can also make friends and have free accommodations and flights to the nearest capital.

NRL Tipping 

You could go and organise with your friends, family and loved ones a tipping competition. The NRL Tipping service is actually free to play, and it is an opportunity to actually take on the experts for the chance of seizing some prizes for your own. There is a long list of former winners that you can look up on the official website, as this is a regular opportunity that occurs. 

Social Media Engagement 

You can keep up to date with all the developments of the NRL via the social media platforms that the NRL operate on. You have the usual options such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

Coverage of the season

The season will be covered on the Australian channels, Channel 9 and Fox Sports. There is also the opportunity to get live streaming from the following international coverage streams:

  • Sky Sports
  • BBC Sports
  • ESPN
  • Sportsnet
  • Sport 24
  • WatchNRL

All the updates of the upcoming venue announcements will most likely be updated and declared via the social media channels first, in addition to press releases from the official NRL page online. While the situation around the world is getting better, we can cross our fingers and hope that there will be no more delays to the full season that has begun and of course what is to come in the next few months.

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