2022 NRL-W All Stars: Teams and History

The women’s season will kick off with All Stars game at Parramatta. This will be the 11th edition of the event which has featured the Indigenous Women’s All Stars playing against the NRL Women’s All Stars and Maori All Stars.

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NRL-W All Star Squads

Indigenous All Stars

Original squad: Bree Chester, Bobbi Law, Caitlan Johnston, Jaime Chapman, Janelle William, Jasmine Peters, Kaitlyn Phillips, Keilee Joseph, Kirra Dibb, Kyra Simon, Quincy Dodd, Rhiannon Revell-Blair, Sarah Field, Shaniah Power, Shaylee Bent, Tahlulah Tillett, Tamika Upton, Tommaya Kelly-Sines.

Coach: Ben Jeffries

Maori All Stars

Original squad: Autumn-Rain Stephens-Daly, Botille Vette-Welsh, Corban Baxter (c), Jocephy Daniels, Katelyn Vaha’akolo, Kennedy Cherrington, Krystal Rota, Lavinia Gould, Mya Hill-Moana, Nita Maynard, Olivia Kernick, Page McGregor, Raecene McGregor, Rona Peters, Roxette Mura, Shannon Mato, Tiana Raftstrand-Smith, Zahara Temara.

Coach: Keith Hanley

Result – Indigenous Women’s 18 defeated Maori Women’s 8

Kick-off: Saturday February 12 at 5:20pm (Sydney time) at CommBank Stadium

Indigenous Women’s 18 (Jaime Chapman 2, Tommaya Kelly-Sines tries; Kirra Dibb 3 goals) defeated Maori Women’s 8 (Autumn-Rain Stephens 2 tries)


Maori All Stars: 1. Botille Vette-Welsh, 2. Jocephy Daniels, 3. Tiana Raftstrand-Smith, 4. Corban Baxter, 5. Autumn-Rain Stephens, 6. Raecene McGregor, 7. Zahara Temara, 8. Shannon Mato, 9. Nita Maynard, 10. Rona Peters, 11. Roxette Murdoch, 12. Olivia Kernick, 13. Kennedy Cherrington, 14. Mya Hill-Moana, 15. Krystal Rota, 16. Rangimarie Edwards-Bruce, 17. Lavinia Gould, 18. Katelyn Vahaakolo.

Indigenous All Stars: 1. Tamika Upton, 2. Jaime Chapman, 3. Bobbi Law, 4. Jasmine Peters, 5. Rhiannon Revell-Blair, 6. Kirra Dibb, 7. Tahlulah Tillett, 8. Tommaya Kelly-Sines, 9. Quincy Dodd, 10. Caitlan Johnston, 11. Shaniah Power, 12. Shaylee Bent, 13. Keilee Joseph, 14. Sarah Field, 15. Janelle Williams, 16. Kaitlyn Phillips, 17. Kyra Simon, 18. Taliah Fuimaono.

* COVID-related issues may have an impact on both squads

All Stars Results

All Stars Game 10, 2021 (Townsville)

Maori Women’s 24 (Raecene McGregor 2, Amy Turner, Shanice Parker, Page McGregor tries; Zahara Temara 2 goals) defeated Women’s Indigenous 0

All Stars Game 9, 2020 (Robina)

Indigenous Women’s 10 (Stephanie Mooka, Nakia Davis-Welsh tries; Jenni-Sue Hoepper goal) defeated Maori Women’s 4 (Kerehitina Matua try)

All Stars Game 8, 2019 (Melbourne)

Maori Women’s 8 (Tyler Birch, Krystal Rota tries) defeated Indigenous Women’s 4 (Shakiah Tungai try)

All Stars Game 7, 2017 (Newcastle)

Indigenous Women’s 14 (Samartha Leisha, Suvanaha Connors, Tahlia Hunter tries; Caitlin Moran goal) defeated Women’s All Stars 4 (Selena Tranter try)

All Stars Game 6, 2016 (Brisbane)

Women’s All Stars 24 (Heather Ballinger 2, Chelsea Baker, Shanice Parker, Sam Bremner tries; Maddie Studdon 2 goals) defeated Indigenous Women’s 4 (Elizabeth Cook-Black try)

All Stars Game 5, 2015 (Gold Coast)

Women’s All Stars 26 (Kezie Apps 2, Kellye Hodges, Ali Brigginshaw, Annette Brander tries; Ali Brigginshaw 2, Steph Hancock goals) defeated Indigenous Women’s 8 (Latoya Billy 2 tries)

All Stars Game 4, 2014 (Sydney)

Women’s All Stars 24 (Renae Kunst, Tegan Chandler, Emily Andrews, Ali Brigginshaw, Sam Hammond tries; Brigginshaw 2 goals) defeated Indigenous Women’s 0
* played prior to the ANZAC Test

All Stars Game 3, 2013 (Robina)

Women’s All Stars 22 defeated Indigenous Women’s 6 (Amber Saltner try, goal)

All Stars Game 2, 2012 (Gold Coast)

Indigenous Women’s 10 drew with Women’s All Stars 10

All Stars Game 1, 2011 (Gold Coast)

Women’s All Stars 20 defeated Indigenous Women’s 6

Note: no event was held in 2018.

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