VALE | An obituary to Monday Night NRL

Parramatta v St George Illawarra marks the final Monday Night NRL fixture for now as Foxtel moves the game to a Friday night.

I wish to say goodbye to a friend, sometimes overlooked far too often.

Well, I didn’t have Foxtel for a few of those years.

It all began in 2007 and has been ratings gold for Fox Sports ever since.

But after ten good but not great years the traditional Monday night game will move to the new traditional Friday 6pm timeslot.

Some will miss it.

Some being about the average crowd numbers to attend Monday Night Football in person. Some will welcome the new Friday night straight after work straight to the pub timeslot. The extra game being an excuse to have an extra beverage or two.

For the rest it will be great background noise as Melbourne takes on either Cronulla, Manly, Souths or Parra. A nice warm up to the Broncos or the Bulldogs game on Channel Nine.

Where do people sit on the subject of Monday v Friday night NRL?

The pro Monday argument

It allowed a good enough excuse to visit a local watering hole early in the week. What better way to convince loved ones to go to the pub under the guise of NRL. Until you get Foxtel anyway.

Another good thing is that it extended the sporting weekend to Monday.

Giving rugby league fans an extra night of authority with the TV Remote. Pre-Have You Been Paying Attention there was nothing else to watch, so without Monday night rugby league it’s over to a Kitchen Show, Renovation, Someone covering Hallelujah for the 100th time or any dross served up by the ABC.

The anti Monday night rugby league argument

That come Monday the sporting weekend should be over.

After watching Thursday and Friday night football, Super Saturday, The All Sydney NRL clash on a Sunday afternoon, Both F1 Free Practice Sessions, V8 Supercars first three laps before getting bored because it is not Bathurst, five minutes of an AFL game to try and get into AFL because you know you should before switching over to the NSW Cup rugby League, Races 4-8 at Eagle Farm, Sydney and Melbourne but not Morphettville, Intrust Super Cup, the early game of EPL, watching the split screen of 4 EPL games at once to ensure you are keeping an eye on your multi selections, refreshing the BBC Live Scores updates to keep an eye on three EFL Football League divisions, flicking between French, Spanish and German but not Italian football on BeIn Sports, USPGA Golf Tour, avoiding all non major Tennis, F1 qualifying and race, after watching both GP2 and GP3 races, and UK Super League one has reached sporting saturation by Monday night.

Plus tipsters all round the nation would much rather have their results on Sunday evening ready for the next week’s selections. The three day turnaround is causing fatigue for NRL Tipping punters everywhere. Especially in the post Origin period.

There’s been some great times on a Monday night though.

If I had to name one I couldn’t, I’d name them all.

But since you’re asking, and you’re not, there is one that sticks in the mind.

Who could forget the magical night when the South Sydney turned the table on the Roosters to produce the best piece of rugby league commentary since Alan Thomas declared Wally had the ball before a shower of cans rained on the old Lang Park.

Having been declared that not even Souths could lose from here with less than five minutes to go in Round 1 2012, the Rabbitohs duly provided the first class choke.

With that in mind the Rabbitohs secured an even better comeback when they beat the Roosters despite being down by 10 point with less than two minutes remaining. The call should go into sports calling folklore.

It has also provided one of rugby league’s saddest moments with the unfortunate incident involving Alex McKinnon in Melbourne.

In between it has provided the perfect accompaniment or ending to the week of rugby league at times. Or just another NRL game. We’re not quite sure how we feel to be honest.

The one good thing is we now don’t need to wait until Monday for the gold, it comes early on a Friday night.


With just a relatively meaningless Parramatta v Dragons game to go, we think it’s time to run through the statistics of crowds, win, and games of Monday night rugby league.

For the sporting nerd, here’s some of our best.


Is anyone surprised that Melbourne top the total of games played? Possibly. I would have thought Sharks. What about Broncos and NZ Warriors with the least? No.



Started off with a bang in 2007, but has ultimately dropped over the 10 years. But there were two periods of slight improvement over those 10 years, including the last two seasons.


The Broncos are no surprise, and should be at the top given their one town status. Newcastle also represent an entire city, but their position at second is mildly surprising. Two of the coldest places are in the bottom three.


Canberra are the kings of Monday night wins, just ahead of Melbourne and Penrith. The Sharks and Dragons can battle for the poorest Monday night record as well as local bragging rights.


Newcastle winning over 70% of their home matches, and most teams have a pro home record. The only exception is the Roosters, and the Warriors who haven’t played any in NZ for obvious reasons.


 Sydney Roosters 6-18  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2007
 Gold Coast Titans 18-16  Cronulla Sharks 2007
 Canberra Raiders 48-18  Newcastle Knights 2007
 Cronulla Sharks 40-4  St George Illawarra Dragons 2007
 Canberra Raiders 37-28  Sydney Roosters 2007
 North Queensland Cowboys 6-10  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2007
 Newcastle Knights 20-16  Cronulla Sharks 2007
 Gold Coast Titans 10-24  North Queensland Cowboys 2007
 Melbourne Storm 38-14  Canterbury Bulldogs 2007
 Manly Sea Eagles 18-6  Brisbane Broncos 2007
 Parramatta Eels 30-6  New Zealand Warriors 2007
 Wests Tigers 10-38  Parramatta Eels 2007
 St George Illawarra Dragons 16-20  Cronulla Sharks 2007
 Newcastle Knights 22-18  Canberra Raiders 2007
 Brisbane Broncos 48-18  Wests Tigers 2007
 Canterbury Bulldogs 38-6  Sydney Roosters 2007
 Parramatta Eels 10-34  Newcastle Knights 2007
 Melbourne Storm 44-0  Newcastle Knights 2007
 Brisbane Broncos 16-20  Parramatta Eels 2007
 Wests Tigers 54-10  North Queensland Cowboys 2007
 Cronulla Sharks 16-17  Melbourne Storm 2007
 Penrith Panthers 26-30 (OT)  North Queensland Cowboys 2007
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 24-18  Manly Sea Eagles 2007
 St George Illawarra Dragons 14-6  Parramatta Eels 2007
 Melbourne Storm 32-18  New Zealand Warriors 2008
 St George Illawarra Dragons 30-12  Gold Coast Titans 2008
 Manly Sea Eagles 52-6  New Zealand Warriors 2008
 Wests Tigers 8-30  Penrith Panthers 2008
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 10-12  Cronulla Sharks 2008
 Canberra Raiders 16-23  Melbourne Storm 2008
 Melbourne Storm 18-4  Newcastle Knights 2008
 Canberra Raiders 38-10  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2008
 Canterbury Bulldogs 30-22  Cronulla Sharks 2008
 Sydney Roosters 19-10  Wests Tigers 2008
 Gold Coast Titans 18-0  Melbourne Storm 2008
 North Queensland Cowboys 18-30  Newcastle Knights 2008
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 24-23  Gold Coast Titans 2008
 Canberra Raiders 24-36  Cronulla Sharks 2008
 Canterbury Bulldogs 30-34 (OT)  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2008
 Wests Tigers 18-30  Melbourne Storm 2008
 Melbourne Storm 26-0  St George Illawarra Dragons 2008
 St George Illawarra Dragons 30-0  Canterbury Bulldogs 2008
 Newcastle Knights 32-12  Parramatta Eels 2008
 Gold Coast Titans 10-32  Newcastle Knights 2008
 Parramatta Eels 40-12  Wests Tigers 2008
 Penrith Panthers 8-40  Melbourne Storm 2008
 Manly Sea Eagles 28-10  Gold Coast Titans 2008
 Wests Tigers 34-26  Canberra Raiders 2009
 Cronulla Sharks 12-24  Newcastle Knights 2009
 Manly Sea Eagles 10-12  Penrith Panthers 2009
 Canberra Raiders 23-18  North Queensland Cowboys 2009
 Canterbury Bulldogs 14-12  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2009
 Wests Tigers 16-6  Melbourne Storm 2009
 Penrith Panthers 34-20  Gold Coast Titans 2009
 Sydney Roosters 10-28  Melbourne Storm 2009
 Melbourne Storm 46-6  Canberra Raiders 2009
 North Queensland Cowboys 36-10  Newcastle Knights 2009
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 18-34  Canberra Raiders 2009
 Gold Coast Titans 28-24  St George Illawarra Dragons 2009
 Parramatta Eels 6-23  Wests Tigers 2009
 Cronulla Sharks 46-12  Brisbane Broncos 2009
 Newcastle Knights 25-20  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2009
 Manly Sea Eagles 19-12  Canterbury Bulldogs 2009
 Gold Coast Titans 18-10  Parramatta Eels 2009
 Parramatta Eels 18-16  Melbourne Storm 2009
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 40-20  Sydney Roosters 2009
 Wests Tigers 19-18  Manly Sea Eagles 2009
 Brisbane Broncos 30-10  Cronulla Sharks 2009
 Newcastle Knights 26-14  Melbourne Storm 2009
 Canterbury Bulldogs 28-4  Sydney Roosters 2009
 Canberra Raiders 30-14  Newcastle Knights 2009
 Wests Tigers 26-22  Manly Sea Eagles 2010
 Canberra Raiders 22-14  Brisbane Broncos 2010
 Cronulla Sharks 8-30  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2010
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 38-16  Canterbury Bulldogs 2010
 Parramatta Eels 14-24  Canberra Raiders 2010
 Melbourne Storm 16-18  Manly Sea Eagles 2010
 Manly Sea Eagles 22-24  Gold Coast Titans 2010
 Sydney Roosters 14-32  North Queensland Cowboys 2010
 Manly Sea Eagles 10-19  Parramatta Eels 2010
 Penrith Panthers 31-16  Canterbury Bulldogs 2010
 Gold Coast Titans 16-30  Sydney Roosters 2010
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 32-4  North Queensland Cowboys 2010
 Melbourne Storm 6-38  Sydney Roosters 2010
 Newcastle Knights 6-4  Parramatta Eels 2010
 Canberra Raiders 10-18  Canterbury Bulldogs 2010
 St George Illawarra Dragons 8-32  Penrith Panthers 2010
 Parramatta Eels 36-24  North Queensland Cowboys 2010
 Wests Tigers 26-16  North Queensland Cowboys 2010
 Brisbane Broncos 30-34  Sydney Roosters 2010
 Newcastle Knights 32-14  Manly Sea Eagles 2010
 Canberra Raiders 30-26  Penrith Panthers 2010
 St George Illawarra Dragons 32-10  Manly Sea Eagles 2010
 Sydney Roosters 14-23  Gold Coast Titans 2010
 Canterbury Bulldogs 18-24  Penrith Panthers 2010
 Canterbury Bulldogs 24-14  Wests Tigers 2011
 Cronulla Sharks 16-10  St George Illawarra Dragons 2011
 North Queensland Cowboys 34-6  Melbourne Storm 2011
 Melbourne Storm 30-16  Canterbury Bulldogs 2011
 Brisbane Broncos 17-6  Newcastle Knights 2011
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 0-16  St George Illawarra Dragons 2011
 Melbourne Storm 14-18  New Zealand Warriors 2011
 Manly Sea Eagles 20-0  Canberra Raiders 2011
 Gold Coast Titans 12-16  Manly Sea Eagles 2011
 Parramatta Eels 40-6  Cronulla Sharks 2011
 Penrith Panthers 22-10  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2011
 Wests Tigers 17-16 (OT)  Newcastle Knights 2011
 Melbourne Storm 21-4  Sydney Roosters 2011
 Manly Sea Eagles 22-18  Parramatta Eels 2011
 St George Illawarra Dragons 24-6  Manly Sea Eagles 2011
 Sydney Roosters 10-38  Canberra Raiders 2011
 Newcastle Knights 10-22  North Queensland Cowboys 2011
 St George Illawarra Dragons 38-8  Cronulla Sharks 2011
 Canberra Raiders 24-19  St George Illawarra Dragons 2011
 Parramatta Eels 18-22  Melbourne Storm 2011
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 56-6  Parramatta Eels 2011
 Cronulla Sharks 10-19  Canterbury Bulldogs 2011
 Newcastle Knights 6-26  Brisbane Broncos 2011
 Wests Tigers 39-10  Gold Coast Titans 2011
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 20-24  Sydney Roosters 2012
 Parramatta Eels 20-36  New Zealand Warriors 2012
 Cronulla Sharks 17-14  Manly Sea Eagles 2012
 Wests Tigers 16-30  Canberra Raiders 2012
 Canberra Raiders 6-22  North Queensland Cowboys 2012
 Manly Sea Eagles 30-0  Penrith Panthers 2012
 Newcastle Knights 34-14  Penrith Panthers 2012
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 34-28  Cronulla Sharks 2012
 Penrith Panthers 13-12 (OT)  St George Illawarra Dragons 2012
 Canterbury Bulldogs 26-6  Cronulla Sharks 2012
 Sydney Roosters 12-30  Canterbury Bulldogs 2012
 Parramatta Eels 29-20  Cronulla Sharks 2012
 Penrith Panthers 16-30  New Zealand Warriors 2012
 Manly Sea Eagles 22-26  Melbourne Storm 2012
 Newcastle Knights 38-20  Wests Tigers 2012
 Canberra Raiders 22-18  St George Illawarra Dragons 2012
 Cronulla Sharks 14-14(OT)  Sydney Roosters 2012
 Sydney Roosters 22-24  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2012
 North Queensland Cowboys 27-19  Wests Tigers 2012
 Brisbane Broncos 22-42  Parramatta Eels 2012
 Wests Tigers 51-26  Parramatta Eels 2012
 Newcastle Knights 26-4  Cronulla Sharks 2012
 St George Illawarra Dragons 22-32  North Queensland Cowboys 2012
 Melbourne Storm 20-18  Cronulla Sharks 2012
 Newcastle Knights 42-10  Wests Tigers 2013
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 14-12  Cronulla Sharks 2013
 Newcastle Knights 34-6  North Queensland Cowboys 2013
 Sydney Roosters 50-0  Parramatta Eels 2013
 Melbourne Storm 26-12  Wests Tigers 2013
 Penrith Panthers 44-12  Parramatta Eels 2013
 St George Illawarra Dragons 18-24  Manly Sea Eagles 2013
 Manly Sea Eagles 4-16  Sydney Roosters 2013
 Melbourne Storm 10-10 (OT)  Manly Sea Eagles 2013
 Cronulla Sharks 14-12  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2013
 Brisbane Broncos 18-56  New Zealand Warriors 2013
 Canberra Raiders 30-18  Brisbane Broncos 2013
 Brisbane Broncos 32-12  Wests Tigers 2013
 Gold Coast Titans 18-12  Melbourne Storm 2013
 Sydney Roosters 18-12  Manly Sea Eagles 2013
 Manly Sea Eagles 50-10  Parramatta Eels 2013
 North Queensland Cowboys 14-34  Manly Sea Eagles 2013
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 18-22 (OT)  St George Illawarra Dragons 2013
 Wests Tigers 18-36  Manly Sea Eagles 2013
 St George Illawarra Dragons 20-39  Canterbury Bulldogs 2013
 Canterbury Bulldogs 16-26  Gold Coast Titans 2013
 Wests Tigers 14-56  Sydney Roosters 2013
 Cronulla Sharks 32-22  Sydney Roosters 2013
 Parramatta Eels 26-22  St George Illawarra Dragons 2013
 Cronulla Sharks 10-18  Gold Coast Titans 2014
 Canterbury Bulldogs 42-4  Cronulla Sharks 2014
 Melbourne Storm 28-20  Newcastle Knights 2014
 Gold Coast Titans 13-12  North Queensland Cowboys 2014
 North Queensland Cowboys 28-2  Newcastle Knights 2014
 Melbourne Storm 28-24  St George Illawarra Dragons 2014
 Penrith Panthers 14-12  Gold Coast Titans 2014
 Wests Tigers 6-22  Gold Coast Titans 2014
 Parramatta Eels 42-24  Cronulla Sharks 2014
 Manly Sea Eagles 15-14  Newcastle Knights 2014
 Cronulla Sharks 0-18  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2014
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 29-10  St George Illawarra Dragons 2014
 Canberra Raiders 4-28  Brisbane Broncos 2014
 Gold Coast Titans 20-24  Melbourne Storm 2014
 Newcastle Knights 36-28  North Queensland Cowboys 2014
 St George Illawarra Dragons 24-12  Melbourne Storm 2014
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 10-14  Gold Coast Titans 2014
 Penrith Panthers 35-34  Brisbane Broncos 2014
 St George Illawarra Dragons 12-21  Manly Sea Eagles 2014
 Canberra Raiders 18-34  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2014
 Wests Tigers 6-28  Melbourne Storm 2014
 Sydney Roosters 26-18  Gold Coast Titans 2014
 Penrith Panthers 23-22  North Queensland Cowboys 2014
 Penrith Panthers 10-24  Melbourne Storm 2014
 North Queensland Cowboys 20-19  Cronulla Sharks 2014
 St George Illawarra Dragons 4-12  Melbourne Storm 2015
 Wests Tigers 22-4  St George Illawarra Dragons 2015
 Sydney Roosters 20-12  Penrith Panthers 2015
 North Queensland Cowboys 18-17(OT)  Melbourne Storm 2015
 Penrith Panthers 10-30  North Queensland Cowboys 2015
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-30  North Queensland Cowboys 2015
 Cronulla Sharks 18-10  South Sydney Rabbitohs 2015
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 16-10  St George Illawarra Dragons 2015
 Manly Sea Eagles 10-11  Penrith Panthers 2015
 Newcastle Knights 18-31  Brisbane Broncos 2015
 Sydney Roosters 24-2  Melbourne Storm 2015
 Parramatta Eels 30-36  North Queensland Cowboys 2015
 Melbourne Storm 22-26  Parramatta Eels 2015
 St George Illawarra Dragons 14-19  Sydney Roosters 2015
 Canterbury Bulldogs 20-4  Melbourne Storm 2015
 Wests Tigers 16-28  Parramatta Eels 2015
 Gold Coast Titans 6-38  Manly Sea Eagles 2015
 Manly Sea Eagles 12-20  North Queensland Cowboys 2015
 North Queensland Cowboys 46-4  Parramatta Eels 2015
 Gold Coast Titans 24-14  Parramatta Eels 2015
 Canberra Raiders 18-20  Wests Tigers 2015
 Cronulla Sharks 2-30  Melbourne Storm 2015
 Melbourne Storm 6-20  Newcastle Knights 2015
 Canberra Raiders 34-18  Penrith Panthers 2015
 Melbourne Storm 18-16  St George Illawarra Dragons 2016
 Wests Tigers 36-22  Manly Sea Eagles 2016
 Manly Sea Eagles 22-12  Cronulla Sharks 2016
 Cronulla Sharks 14-6  Melbourne Storm 2016
 Canterbury Bulldogs 10-22  Canberra Raiders 2016
 Melbourne Storm 12-18  Canterbury Bulldogs 2016
 Sydney Roosters 16-20  Penrith Panthers 2016
 Melbourne Storm 42-0  New Zealand Warriors 2016
 Gold Coast Titans 26-6  Sydney Roosters 2016
 Parramatta Eels 6-18  Melbourne Storm 2016
 Newcastle Knights 18-20  Parramatta Eels 2016
 Canterbury Bulldogs 18-20  Cronulla Sharks 2016
 Cronulla Sharks 13-10  North Queensland Cowboys 2016
 Gold Coast Titans 30-10  Manly Sea Eagles 2016
 North Queensland Cowboys 30-26  Manly Sea Eagles 2016
 Manly Sea Eagles 36-6  St George Illawarra Dragons 2016
 Canberra Raiders 26-12  North Queensland Cowboys 2016
 Sydney Roosters 20-32  Cronulla Sharks 2016
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 10-20  Manly Sea Eagles 2016
 Gold Coast Titans 18-18  Cronulla Sharks 2016
 Penrith Panthers 38-18  Sydney Roosters 2016
 Canberra Raiders 22-8  Melbourne Storm 2016
 South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-6  Cronulla Sharks 2016
 Parramatta Eels TBD  St George Illawarra Dragons 2016









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